The Best Places on the Internet to Learn About Bitcoin

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It’s so easy to explain Bitcoin to people!


Bitcoin is super complicated and barely anyone understands it!

Don’t worry though! We’re here to help you. We have compiled a list of the best places on the internet to learn about Bitcoin.

We have created lists for:

  • Bitcoin for Beginners
  • Bitcoin Communities
  • Bitcoin News
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Bitcoin for Beginners

If you are just starting to learn about Bitcoin, these are the places you should be checking out.

1. Bitcoin Wiki

The Bitcoin Wiki is a monster of a resource. You’ll be able to figure out everything from the definition of block chain to which mining pools are the best.

Click here to start browsing the Bitcoin Wiki.

2. (another FAQ)

Although it doesn’t have as much information as the Bitcoin Wiki, the FAQ is pretty solid. Who created Bitcoin, is Bitcoin anonymous… these are the types of questions you can get the answers to.

Click here to start browsing FAQ.

Bitcoin Communities

If you’ve learned a bit about Bitcoin, and now you want to meet other people who know a lot about Bitcoin, these are the places for you.

1. ZapChain FAQ

ZapChain is a community of Bitcoin entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts. Here you will find answers from real people about topics such as “What are your favorite Bitcoin companies?”, “Where do you get your news about Bitcoin?”, and “What is the hardest thing to understand about Bitcoin?”.

Click here to start exploring ZapChain.

2. Reddit (/r/bitcoin)

Although everyone on Reddit is anonymous, this is still one of the most popular Bitcoin communities on the web today. Top news and ideas are posted here daily, with commentary from people from around the world. You will run into the occasional troll here though, so make sure you have a thick skin.

Click here to start browsing reddit/r/bitcoin.

3. BitcoinTalk

BitcoinTalk is one the oldest Bitcoin communities on the web. It can also be the most intimidating and confusing. Not only are there angry anonymous people sometimes, there are also quite a bit of scammers. A lot can be learned here, but tread carefully.

Click here to start browsing BitcoinTalk.

Bitcoin News

This section is targeted at Bitcoin experts (or soon to be experts). At this point you are not learning about basic Bitcoin terminology, you are learning about the businesses in the industry.

1. CoinDesk

CoinDesk is currently the #1 place to get breaking news about the Bitcoin industry. New fundraising, new hires, new companies, you will find that all here.

Click here to get up to date on your Bitcoin news with CoinDesk.

2. Follow The Coin

Enjoy watching videos more than reading? Follow The Coin was created just for you. Tune in with Tina Hui, almost daily, for all your Bitcoin news highlights.

Click here to start watching Follow The Coin videos.

3. CoinTelegraph

CoinTelegraph not only covers almost every major breaking news story, but they also do quite a bit of interviews and have custom pictures for all of their stories. Don’t underestimate how cool these custom pictures are either, they really do add to the Bitcoin news experience!

Click here to start reading CoinTelegraph.

4. Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is one of the oldest Bitcoin publications out there. Not only do they cover breaking news and conduct interviews, but they also have a physical magazine! The founder of Ethereum actually started out as a writer here.

Click here to start reading Bitcoin Magazine.

5. ZeroBlock

ZeroBlock is a Bitcoin news aggregator. They pull in new high quality articles about Bitcoin from all the best publications and writers. Not only that, but they give you a huge chart of Bitcoin’s current price.

Click here to check out ZeroBlock.

6. Two Bit Idiot

TwoBitIdiot is a Bitcoin blog that you need to be following. They have broken major news in the past, before even mainstream media got their hands on it.

Click here to check out TwoBitIdiot.

Go forth and do awesome things with Bitcoin.There’s an entire community that will support you.

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