Will Investors Put $1 Billion Into Bitcoin This Year?

The bitcoin industry has seen some heavy investment so far in 2015. Will that continue?

There have been some big bitcoin investments in 2015.

Coinbase raises $75 million in January.

KnCMiner raise $15 million during February.
21 Inc. raises $116 million in March.

Those three companies alone total over $200 million in bitcoin startup investment, and there are three more quarters of the year left!

On ZapChain, we asked if people thought venture capitalists would put more than $1 billion into the ecosystem.

Here’s some responses:

“It’ll be close; I can certainly see a few more $100M investments, but another 8 of them is a tall order, specifically because those with the money to invest don’t understand yet all of the possibilities of a decentralized ledger.”

— Luke Parker, freelance journalist

“We will see at least 3 more stories of the big players raising massive amounts.”

Pablo Gonzalez, CEO & Co-founder of Bitso

“I’m on the fence, it could definitely happen but the incredible pace of VC money would need to continue all year.”

Eric Kuhn, technology enthusiast

Over $220 million has already been invested in bitcoin startups in 2015 — and there’s a long ways to go before the end of the year.

Will the bitcoin industry hit $1 billion in total venture capital investment this year? Discuss it on ZapChain!