The Best Apps to Start Your First Online Store

There’s a lot that needs done before you can hang that open sign (credit cogdog via Flickr)

You’ve always wanted to start your own store, to turn your ideas into products and share them with the world—and take your own shot at getting rich in the process. Every time there’s a vacant shop in the mall, or a new shopping center built, you daydream about your store being right there in the middle of the action.

The internet seems to simplify things. Your store is only a few clicks away now. You check out domain names, imagine your product on Amazon’s Best Seller list, imagine needing to ask PayPal to raise your transfer limit. Perhaps you could Kickstarter your way into the internet’s next success story.

Perhaps. First, though, there’s a lot of hard work that needs done—whether you’re opening a shop in the mall or in the next tab in your browser.

eCommerce has a storied history already, even though it’s only just over 20 years old. It’s put every product imaginable at our fingertips, made it possible for crowdfunding to sponsor groundbreaking ideas and let you find a part for your vintage camera on eBay all in the same place. It’s broken down barriers, made starting your own business easy again.

But business is still business. You’ll need to start a business, then start your store, and then keep it all running. It’s a lot more than just signing up for just another app trial.

And so, we wrote a book.

The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce is a bit different from our other books. Rather than just teaching you how to use a category of software as we did in our CRM or Email Marketing or Google Sheets books, this book teaches you how to start a business and how to use the best software to run it.

It starts out walking you through what it takes to start a startup, the resources and capital and plans you’ll need to turn your idea into a business.

With that out of the way, it then guides you through the best ways to start a store online. You might not even need your own store; a virtual market or shelf in a supermarket (aka eBay or Amazon) might suffice.

But if you really want your own store, the next chapters help you build that. With details on 20 of the very best eCommerce platforms, a step-by-step tutorial to building your first store, and a roundup of resources you’ll need to keep your store running on any platform, it’s the tools that’ll turn your new business into a successful online store. And, it’ll even help you figure out the best way to get paid—no, PayPal isn’t the option option and yes, you can accept more than just credit cards in your online store.

Starting an online store is tough work, but it’s far from impossible. It actually might just take an afternoon or weekend, something you can pull off in your spare time before you’re ready to dive in and quit your day job.

And with luck, it just might be the next eCommerce success story—one that opens a brick-and-mortar store, too.

Download a free copy of The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce to turn your business ideas into a real online store.