Zapper Product Update #3: Wallet Avatars, NFT Mania, and the Zapper Community FTW

Aug 27 · 3 min read

Things move quickly in the DeFi space. To help our community stay on top of the latest developments at Zapper, we share regular product updates that recap Zapper’s newest features, protocol integrations, and upcoming initiatives.

The last few weeks have been all about NFTs and love for our community here at Zapper. Read on for the latest details, plus a smol alpha leak at the very end.

Wallet Avatars

Users can now expand their digital identity in the Zapperverse by selecting one of their NFTs as a wallet avatar on the Zapper dashboard! It is only possible for users to choose an NFT they own as a wallet avatar, and it will be visible to anyone who looks up their wallet address on Zapper.

Haven’t customized your wallet avatar yet? From your dashboard, hover over your avatar icon to prompt an edit button to appear. Click & select an NFT you own as your new wallet avatar.

NFT Mania

The NFT ecosystem has entered a new phase in recent weeks, with some projects selling items for tens of millions of dollars, and trade volume on platforms like OpenSea breaking all kinds of records.

To help you understand all things NFT we wrote a Zapper Learn article that covers both NFT basics and explains why we’re so excited about the recent NFT hype at Zapper. Share it with your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone who expresses concern that you recently dropped 6 figures on a JPEG.

Zapper Community FTW

After the incredible community engagement with our last product update, we launched a forum to streamline discussions with our community and provide a space that facilitates long-form discussions on important topics like fees, new NFT launches, and more. Don’t be shy about sharing your ideas and feedback about Zapper with us if you have something to say!

We also shifted the time of our monthly community calls to 12PM EDT / 4PM UTC to accommodate more of our international users. As a result, we reached our maximum capacity during the last call and are looking at new platforms to host our community calls so that we can accommodate a greater number of participants.

Protocol Integrations

Our team is always working on integrating new protocols for users to view on their dashboard. Here are some highlights of what our terminators have shipped in recent weeks:

  • Dopex;
  • Empty Set Dollar;
  • Frax;
  • Tokemak.

We also integrated a new network, Avalanche, plus some of top protocols the network supports, including:

  • Benqi;
  • Pangolin;
  • Yield Yak;
  • Lydia.

What’s Next

The team has been working very hard on a secret project that will change the way we integrate protocols and prioritize our protocol integrations. Can you figure out what’s up next at Zapper?

If you aren’t already, I’d advise following all of the Zapper terminators on Twitter. There is a lot going on behind the scenes, and alpha could leak at any moment. 👀


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