6 petty reasons to start a company

We live in an age of startups with talented entrepreneurs bringing new ideas to the market everyday. But between these great ideas also find companies being started for wrong reasons. Recently, I encountered several such reasons and couldn’t help but post about them.

Mid-Life Crisis

There is no doubt that everyone goes through some sort of mid-life crisis. Some people do outrageous and impractical things like buying a sports car, quitting job, making life changing decisions and more. One of the worst ideas in that line would be starting your own business with every saved up penny and no conviction.

To Be (My) Own Boss

While it is okay to want to be your own boss, that particular reason fails abysmally if one cannot earn respect or learn to respect fellow workers. Some people have problem dealing with authority or working for another person. Starting a business will definitely not help overcome this problem.

To Prove A Point To Your Previous Boss Or Company

Office politics is very common everywhere and if you are caught up in dirty politics, ignore it or quit and find an alternative job. But carrying the vendetta and to prove your point to your ex-boss or company is definitely a silly reason to start your own business.

Everyone Is Into It

Sometimes you’d see a colleague, friend or a cousin start a business, run it successfully and make loads of money. It is good to feel inspired and motivated by their success. But it is best to drop the idea if greed or jealousy gets in the way.

Alternate Source Of Income

Trying to run a company while working for another is like riding two horses at the same time. Trust me, the fall is inevitable. Don’t look at a business as an alternate income or a second income. It needs complete attention, focus and time.

Burn Dad’s Money

This is a classic bad reason to start a company. Without a proper vision, a strategy or the right people, some businesses are started simply because ancestral capital is available.

I Didn’t Get A Job

Some youngsters who have gotten out of college give up way too easily after putting in minimal efforts to find a job. They end up starting a business without realizing that it is quite important to get equipped with knowledge and sharpen skills before jumping into the big game. Lot of time your job is the practice game before the big game which is your business.


A few friends and I, crazy enough to have the same goals and believe in the same ideas, finally kick-started Osmnez today. No doubt, we asked every question and reason as to why we were doing this. Answer: We shared a conviction, we had the same passion, and we had a fire to leave a mark in the industry. We came up with the plan, we came up with Osmnez.

Osmnez (O-sm-nez: n. something that is awesome) is a software company, currently in stealth mode. Stay tuned and you’ll continue to hear more from us.

Originally published at blog.osmnez.com on February 18, 2015.

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