System for student’s knowledge

Goal: Prepare a user story list for a simple application. The application should be a system for testing a student’s knowledge.

  • Coming to the website, students should be able to select a test to pass
  • Having selected the test, the student should see a list of questions with answer options
  • Questions have either answer options or a field for answer input
  • There should be two types of answer options: checkbox (more than one answer can be selected) and select (only one answer can be selected)
  • When all questions are answered, the result is shown to the student
  • A teacher should be able to see the results of tests students pass
  • The administrator should be able to add and edit tests

It should represent requirements to the software in such detail that programming could be started using the wireframe only, with no questions.

Process: User flow, user stories, wireframe.

Result: Ready wireframe for next iterations.

User flow of the system:


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