Why you shouldn’t take Flutter as just another cross platform for mobile apps

Rishin Haris
May 21, 2019 · 4 min read

Flutter has been the talk of the different development communities since its 1.0 launch in December 2018. The key factors the flutter live event mentioned are true native code generation from a single code base & consistent 120 fps performance.

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What is Flutter?

Flutter is a framework by Google for cross-platform development which includes Android, Ios, Desktop, Embedded devices & most recently Web 🙌

Flutter uses Dart ( Dart lang) for development which is also developed by Google 😁

One thing software companies & developers collectively agree is that “Flutter reduces the development time for apps that are needed to developed for both IOS & Android”.

The reasons for this are many :

> Hot Reload ( A feature which speeds up build process)

> Easy to learn ( Dart is relatively easy to pick up if are familiar with Java or any object-oriented programming language)

> Single Code Base ( Changes to the app will be easy since you need a change once in the code)

> Native SDK integration support ( Any limitations due to the absence of widgets in a flutter in compensated by this feature)

Why should you care about Flutter?

Mobile Developers: Mobile Developers should definitely try out flutter due to the following reasons

> It adds good value to your career profile (LinkedIn in claims flutter is one of the fastest growing skills among software engineers)

> Makes your development time much faster

> Extends your capabilities to multi-platforms

Software Companies: My company have switched to using flutter to make many products for our clients. Many software companies these days are switching their front end tech stack to flutter due to the following reasons

>Their delivery time for projects is much faster-using flutter because of its speed of development

> The cost of developing a flutter is much cheaper than other cross development frameworks

> You can be more focused on the design and worry less about implementation, hence deliver beautiful looking apps for your clients.

Should you adopt Flutter?

What Flutter can’t do?

Although Flutter has so many advantages, There are some cases you should not use flutter (yet). This is particularly applicable when you are developing apps for platforms that require deep native integration. If you require your product in any of the following plaforms -> TV ( tvOS)app, Android TV app, Android Auto, Carplay, Android Instant App, WatchOS, Android Wear , Then Flutter is going to make things difficult and you are better off with native development for the respective platforms.

Top Flutter apps you should check out right now

Despite many critics saying that flutter isn't ready for production level apps. Some early adopters have proven them wrong. Here are my favourites:

  1. Flutter Developer Quest :
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Flutter Developer Quest

Developer Quest was showcased at Google I/O ’19 to demonstrate how flexible & powerful flutter is in terms of UI drawing & state management. It's quite addictive too😁

App Link: Playstore | App Store

2. N8

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N8 App UI

N8 is a beautiful app that allows users to meet new people nearby by joining them in real life activities. It has a very intuitive user interface. The user experience is the same on both iOS & android thanks to flutters ability to replicate UI elements in both the platforms effortlessly.

App Link: Playstore | App Store

3. Reflectly

Reflectly App

Reflectly is a personal mental health companion. Reflectly is a journal using artificial intelligence to help users structure and reflect upon their daily thoughts and problems. You can see the use of flutters “Hero Widget” in action during the animations.

App Link: Playstore | App Store

4. InKino

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Inkino Flutter App

InKino is an app made with Flutter that allows users to search for movies and showtimes in Finkino cinemas, see movies details and buy or reserve tickets.

App Link: Playstore | App Store


Google is serious about flutter as they have a dedicated team working towards its stability,widgets,compatibility.

A special note to product makers from India- We always have this doubt of whether or not to make an iOS app for our product taking the fact into consideration that iOS users consist of only around 3% . Nevertheless, our product would feel incomplete without supporting both the platforms.This is an excellent scenario where Flutter would be a perfect fit for building your app. You only need to perfect the flutter app and let the framework handle the native dependencies for each platform.😃

Thanks for reading. If you require any apps to be done in Flutter, Do reach out at Zartek Technologies . Our team adopted flutter ever since its stable version 1.0 was released.🙌

Stay Tuned for my upcoming article on building Web apps with Flutter.😁


Zartek is specialised in developing and marketing mass…

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