Guide — Buff Sidians for Circle Raid Bosses

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Hello, this is Sid Eternal.

Today we’re going to give you a guide on buff sidian for Circle Raid Boss.

There are currently 6 types of raid bosses that are not dropped.
New bosses will be added from October of this year.
From those bosses, there is a chance of acquiring the boss when you defeat the boss.

For each of the 6 bosses, 3 Buff Sidians are determined.
And, there are Daily Buff Sidians those are changed every day.

3 or 4 Daily Buff Sidians are added every 2 weeks.
Every day, 3 of the Daily Buff Sidians are randomly determined as the Buff Sidians.

Buff Sidians are as follow.

■ Buff Sidian for each boss (confirmed)

1.Heidegger: Roben, Odai, Shaka
2.Paine: Ayanes, Miesiac, Eleonore
3.Ys: Turing, Jang Geum, Voltaire
4.Veronica: Chris, Sappho, Cinderella
5.Monica: Khara, Chaemi, Einstein
6.Dark Catherine: Dorian, Beethoven, Sorachi

■ Daily Buff Sidian (random)

Party Sappho
Tux Shaka
Cherry Blossoms Chaemi
Spa Catherine
Festival Himiko
Idol Darwin
Wedding Beethoven
Wedding Schubert
Wedding Marie
Wedding Mucha
Wedding Rapunzel
Festival Sappho

Thank you.

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