Colors in Between to Enhance the Art of Writing

Inspiration to help you de-stress and relax

Samyu Varsh
Jul 21, 2020 · 4 min read
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By the Author

Colors add joy and fun element to the regular moments. Have you thought about having an adult coloring book on your workspace at home? I have added a color pencil set and a coloring book to bust my stress for relief.

In my past writing piece on the workspace to keep you in the zone, I have touched on trying some inbuilt activities for mini breaks on the work desk. This is one such task giving relaxation ripples, especially for a writer like me who spends all day writing on Medium.

I try not to worry about making a masterpiece. Just color inside the lines or outside the lines. Play as pleasing. I love to color mandalas. Off and on to sketch or color them. Research has shown coloring mandalas is an art therapy that can create balance in your life. Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. It is an art interlinking circle and geometry. Though I took joy in Venn diagrams in school, the replacement of colors instead of the numbers is a delight.

Adding to it, when doing a simple and relaxed act, the jumbled thoughts which cross your mind and the tasks which you remember to do instead could help you find what are the issues within you which you need to be solved. Precisely it acts as meditation which relieves to boost mind tranquility.

Just as one keep’s going at a point we will be in tune with the coloring activity letting go of all worries and stresses. Fully emerged to relax and sweep off the calm in you.

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Mandala — by the Author

Adult coloring books have more elegant drawings and are composed of high-quality paper. So it definitely does not look immature to have one. However, do what your style is. Flowers, mandalas, travel art, what is that you want is available with a dash of search. There are free printable coloring pages available online to begin with.

Colors when mixed and matched bring nuance. You can even apply color psychology here. Use the color of emotion you want to feel. If you want more calm at the moment and concentration to boost your creativity. You may shade blue or if you want to add fun streaks using orange more would be apt.

Words which you wish to get into the mind concretely could be printed and it can be filled with different hues. I use coloring apps at times. Both help me in different ways. Hands-on activity reset my brain. Coloring apps reset my mood.

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By the Author

Develop a habit of coloring. If you do not have the time for it. Do it at least once a week. The benefits of coloring are the same as meditation, it calms the fear zone of your brain, amygdala. Color as much as you want. Just stop when you think its enough.

When you are confused, angry, or tense, the last thing on your mind at the moment would be to pick your pencils and art book. However, developing the instinct to do it is lending a hand for your own self.

When my family or friends come home, we sit together and color our own pages. Sometimes with kids, we color the same mandala assigning different colored pencils and areas to each. It is genuinely pleasant to engage with children. Their innocence and enthusiasm infect us to rediscover the joy of coloring and also it makes quality time with the younger ones.

Thirty seconds or thirty minutes it inspires, de-stresses, and relaxes. For most of us adults, our creative side can sometimes get numbed, such real and concrete activities can reconnect us to spark interest to live more lively.

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By the Author

A widely accepted meditation technique is where we focus on one singular thing and don't entertain the jumbled thoughts to gradually enter the present moment fully. Coloring does the same, calming and slowing down the inner dialogue to make us mindful. It switches off our live streaming of worries and helps us focus on a simple activity. The shapes, patterns, edges, and colors unlock different parts of your brain removing mental blocks we never knew existed.

Leaving technology out for some time on tangible coloring creativity — takes the cake. Than merely watching things happen before us while others perform on videos. We can create than consumption.

The finished piece can be even used as an artwork to hang in your house and also a good picture to share with your family or social circle. It elicits happy feelings for you and about you to all. Color on!

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