2018 Z Best Dressed List Maker: Gracie Lawrence

Trench Closet: @Gracie Lawrence
“I’m an NYC based actress and the co-lead singer and songwriter of my band Lawrence. Whenever I’m not touring with my band or making our next album, I’m acting on a TV show called “One Dollar” on CBS All Access (or vice versa!)” ~ Gracie Lawrence

Favorite Brand?

My parents’ closets from the 80s. But if I need something fancier, Reformation.

The place of fashion in Gracie’s life:

Fashion is wildly important in my life as a performer. If I don’t feel great in what I’m wearing (i.e. if I think my boobs are going to fall out, a collar is restricting my breath support, or if I just don’t feel cool enough to be on stage) then it interferes with my ability to perform the best that I can. It’s also part of my job to make sure the other guys in the band look and feel their best too. People underestimate how difficult yet important it is to look cohesive as an 8 piece group.

I have one pair of blue athletic short shorts with red lining that I’d say are my signature piece. My band wears a lot of vintage athletic apparel, so I have a real addiction to online Etsy shopping for authentic, one of a kind pieces that are real athletic apparel from the 80s and 90s. At the risk of sounding…disgusting…some fans have DM’d me (sort of jokingly) asking me if I have like 5 pairs of these shorts, because I wear them way too much to only have one pair. Little do they know, I just overspend on laundry at hotels to keep this one pair of shorts clean and at the ready for any show that I want.
Gracie’s signature piece

We asked Gracie, “ if you could trade your entire closet with any woman in the world, who would it be?”

Drew Barrymore in the 90s. She epitomizes casual grunge while still being feminine.

“And would you actually do it?”


And, speaking of grabbing someone’s style from their closet, many of the Trench members (aka Trenchies) state that one of the things they like most about being part of the Never Ending Closet community is being fashionable while being very environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Gracie told us about the meaning of fashion sustainability to her.

I’m really excited by all of the new brands popping up that are eco-friendly and ethically sound. I think sustainability in fashion is largely about becoming a smarter and more mature consumer — as in, when you hear about brands that have morals that you don’t support, try not to shop there anymore. I’m certainly far from perfect, because although some of my favorite brands are making vegan and recyclable products (i.e. The Reformation, and Vagabond Shoes) there are various moments as a consumer that I know I’m not being the most ethical…for example, I’m not a vegan, and although I don’t wear fur, I do have some leather items in my closet, so I don’t want to lie and say otherwise. But I am really good about no longer shopping at places whose moral codes don’t align with my own, even if they have my dream pants or jacket. My family, specifically my aunt, instilled in me from a young age to do research into the brands that you are supporting — and you might be surprised to find out that even if you really got along with the sales woman who sold you your jeans, you may disagree with the moral and political philosophies of the owner of the company and how he or she treats their employees and seamstresses. In my everyday life, I try my best to stand by the companies who’s ethics I agree with!
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