2018 Z Best Dressed List Maker: Gabriella Zacche

Trench Closet: @Gabriella Zacche
“I’m originally from Brazil, and back there I started my own fashion brand in 2013. 3 years ago, I came to NY to do my master’s at FIT and decided to transform my blogging hobby into a full-time job. I am absolutely passionate about traveling (TO ASIA!) and trying new local dishes. “ ~ Gabriella Zacche

A little about the moment that Gabriella’s first realized her passion for fashion:

I don’t really know a place in time where I fell in love with fashion specifically. My whole family works in fashion and I basically grew up in their factory, working there since I was 14. I guess that, by the time I was 19, I realized I didn’t know how to design and thought there was no place for me in the industry. So I went work for a beauty company, but when I turned 22 I just realized I loved fashion and there were other ways I could take in the industry.

Favorite Brand?


The place of fashion in Gabriella’s life:

I believe fashion IS my whole life. Back when I worked at a fashion brand, what I was creating and research at the moment would influence the way I dressed. But now, when I’m always creating content, fashion is just part of me 24h a day, and in every corner I look, I see how an outfit can integrate to that background to have the perfect shot.

It’s a vintage oversized blazer with shoulder padding that I inherited from my mother. I’m just obsessed with it and, although it’s 4 sizes above mine, it just feels perfect.
Gabriella’s signature piece

We asked Gabriella, “ if you could trade your entire closet with any woman in the world, who would it be?”

Blair Waldorf (I know she isn’t real, but, oh, if she were!)

“And would you actually do it?”


And, speaking of grabbing someone’s style from their closet, many of the Trench members (aka Trenchies) state that one of the things they like most about being part of the Never Ending Closet community is being fashionable while being very environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Gabriella told us about the meaning of fashion sustainability to her.

It means a lot, and it goes from influencing my choice of brands (prioritizing brands with sustainable initiatives), to the choice of pieces, which I believe also impacted my style, since I always prefer to buy staples that are timeless and classic, so I can wear them over and over again.

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And to wrap up, a fun fact about Gabriella:

Although it seems like a boring fun fact, people don’t seem to know this at all about me: I’m married for 5 years and we’ve been together for almost 15.

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