2018 Z Best Dressed List Maker: Haley Findlay

Trench Closet: @Haley Findlay
“I am an entrepreneur, philanthropist, travel and positive lifestyle addict! I love to educate and inspire female leaders. I consult on business development and digital branding for entrepreneurs and brands. Through this, I have built up my personal brand as a female, travel entrepreneur which allows me to take my social impact influence global” ~ Haley Findlay

Favorite Brand?

My favorite fashion brand is Zara- affordable, fashionable, business oriented, and always on trend! Even though it is very main stream I mix and match.

The place of fashion in Haley ‘s life:

Fashion is extremely important in my life as I take my closet around the world on all of my travels. I wear many hats with the different individuals and companies that I work with, so having a fashionable, sustainable, affordable wardrobe is essential. One of my main teaching points is dressing to your environment so that you exude confidence in any situation and can also have fun with your style. I aim to wear pieces that are classy, eye-catching, and overall fun.

I do not have a signature piece- I try to challenge myself and wear different pieces all the time. I can’t even remember the last time I wore jeans!

We asked Haley, “ if you could trade your entire closet with any woman in the world, who would it be?”

I would not choose any woman- I do not wish to have anything the same as someone else. :)

“And would you actually do it?”


And, speaking of grabbing someone’s style from their closet, many of the Trench members (aka Trenchies) state that one of the things they like most about being part of the Never Ending Closet community is being fashionable while being very environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Haley told us about the meaning of fashion sustainability to her.

Sustainability in fashion means being able to have a timeless and endless wardrobe. If I can reuse, renew, or afford multiple pieces then it is sustainable for my every-day fashion lifestyle.
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