2018 Z Best Dressed List Maker: Janice Tran

Trench Closet:@Janice Tran
“I am obsessed with skincare and fitness. I believe the two go hand in hand in having beautiful, vibrant, and healthy skin. “ ~ Janice Tran

Favorite Brand?

I really love For Love and Lemons because I’m a hopeless romantic.

The place of fashion in Janice’s life:

Fashion is how to speak to others without verbally saying anything.

My big hat is my favorite purchase of all time.
Janice’s signature piece

We asked Janice, “ if you could trade your entire closet with any woman in the world, who would it be?”

One of my favorite content creators, Olivia Lopez looks good in both a sweatsuit or a powerful suit.

“And would you actually do it?”


And, speaking of grabbing someone’s style from their closet, many of the Trench members (aka Trenchies) state that one of the things they like most about being part of the Never Ending Closet community is being fashionable while being very environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Janice told us about the meaning of fashion sustainability to her.

I think quality > quantity. Making sure you make smart purchases for quality and versatile pieces will make you consume less.
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