2018 Z Best Dressed List Maker: Lauren Mazzei

Trench Closet: @Lauren Mazzei
“I’ve always been interested in content creation & digital marketing. I work in Digital Marketing & IT at a large jewelry brand & absolutely love it! I studied Computer Science & Business Information Systems in college, and have always been interested in technology.” ~ Lauren Mazzei

A little about the moment that Lauren’s first realized her passion for fashion:

I became interested in fashion actually after graduating college. I was working & going out in the city and was so inspired by the people I saw around me. I love how fashion can reflect a unique personality.

Favorite Brand?

For Love & Lemons

The place of fashion in Lauren’s life:

Wearing a new or well-style outfit gives me so much confidence! I bring that confidence into the workplace & while blogging, too!

My signature piece is definitely my little black Prada bag — I wear it so much!
Lauren’s signature piece

We asked Lauren, “ if you could trade your entire closet with any woman in the world, who would it be?”

Arielle Charnas of Something Navy

“And would you actually do it?”


And, speaking of grabbing someone’s style from their closet, many of the Trench members (aka Trenchies) state that one of the things they like most about being part of the Never Ending Closet community is being fashionable while being very environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Lauren told us about the meaning of fashion sustainability to her.

Eco-conscious brands are a few of my favorites to work with — I love how they give back!
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And to wrap up, a fun fact about Lauren:

I absolutely love home decor & am having so much fun decorating a new NYC apartment!

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