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ZCore 2.0

Foundation, Wallet, Swap, PoS, UPDATE

The ZCore project is being restructured.

Soon, we will launch a new code (PoS + MN), new wallet, new products, services and a new website.

Everything is being built in a friendly environment with a clean look and focus on quality — features that have already become the brand of the project.

Introducing the ZCore Foundation

The Foundation aims to provide legal support to drive initiatives that add quality and professionalism to the ZCore ecosystem.

The Foundation will be backed by a development fund, which aims to increase credibility and provide a healthy financial environment to keep project development in several areas.

Plans include a variety of technical commitments to fuel the currency infrastructure and keep it constantly improving; marketing, in order to further increase communication and attract investors; plus more listings in exchanges.

New phase: more features and deeper improvements
Since the launch of the ZCore project, the founders have worked hard to keep up with the changes and have always invested their own resources. Still, as any of the members of the community can confirm, the project was never abandoned. On the contrary: it has only been growing, becoming more professional and sophisticated over time.

ZCore is already mature enough to take it one step further. To do this, it will be necessary to count on those who have always believed in the project and want to continue to follow a path of success that has only begun.

In the future, the ZCore team will enable members of the community to participate in the ZCore Foundation through contests.
The idea is to evaluate and approve, together with investors, the projects that best represent the idea behind ZCore and that are able to contribute to its evolution. The projects with the best evaluation from the ZCore team and the community can receive funding for their development and application.

ZCore 2.0
The ZCore Foundation will be implemented in the ZCore 2.0 update and will release periodic reports informing how funds are being managed and applied targeting the growth of ZCore.

Product launch: ZCore Masternodes Explorer

Get ready for a major change in ZCore’s masternodes platform.
Now, in addition to hosting services, every coin listed on the largest masternode management platform in the world features a sophisticated Masternode Explorer. It is responsible for detailing useful information about the project and its network of masternodes.

With the new Masternode Explorer:

  • The user can view details of their masternodes, including information such as IP, wallet version on the server, status and rewards.
  • Project managers can use the API Masternode Explorer to reproduce detailed information on their official channels in the crypto market.

Masternode Explorer is available today for all users.

ZCore Messenger Discontinued

The ZCore team has always been committed to offering the best to the community and the currency. While evaluating again some strategies we considered that launching a crypto communicator would require efforts that would best be applied elsewhere.

The messenger market is becoming more and more crowded, and the commitment to product quality makes it impracticable at this time to continue investing in a ZCore communicator. ZCore’s ongoing restructuring requires a greater focus on projects with objective results and thus ZCore Messenger will be postponed.

The goal is to reassess the idea later once the project is financially better, as long as it is in the community’s interest — ZCore Messenger may become, for example, a project funded by the ZCore Foundation in the future.

ZCore App Overhaul
Following our product optimization strategy, we decided to redesign the ZCore App to better meet user demands and new features planned for the future.
This resulted in the division of ZCore App into two distinct softwares with more features. Meet them below:

📲 ZCore Pay
The current ZCore App has become ZCore Pay!

The software will work as a mobile cold wallet which is easy to access and safe to send and receive crypto-coins through the smartphone. The app will work, for example, as a means to transfer ZCore using QR code.

📲 ZCore Central
With the ZCore Central app, users can access ZCore ecosystem services and products in one place, the same way as the ZCore Masternodes System (ZMS) platform.

Features include also masternodes management (financial control and monitoring). Over time, the app will offer more services to be launched in the ecosystem.

ZCore Central will have full development priority since it will be the primary tool for managing everything that is offered and will still be released in the ZCore Network.

New Social Network

We identified a need and opportunity to further promote the crypto market. The idea is to take advantage of this dynamic environment to create a social network integrated to our ecosystem. This network will aid in the dissemination of the Blockchain culture, making space for enthusiasts to publish articles with tips, tutorials, audios, videos and even monetized streaming. In addition, the subjects brought by this content may be discussed in discussion forums.

Soon, ZCore Central will open a vast space for the performance of users, evangelists, communicators and projects with the community and media, optimizing crypto marketing.



- 5

The new ZCore 2.0 code is ready and functional. Still, we are following a thorough schedule that involves more testing.
All of this is necessary to ensure a high level of security and guarantee that won’t be any risks while making the transition.

We have cautiously observed other projects that have gone through swap and have faced several problems.
The procedure is very complex and demands seriousness to carry out a technical development of great proportion. Thus, it requires much more time to arrange everything.

Erick Costa — ZCore Creator/ZCore Masternodes System Creator

“It’s incredible to build the ZCore ecosystem and to see how the cryptoworld has welcomed us. We started promising to deliver easy-to-use crypto solutions and now we have the greatest masternode hosting platform in the planet. It’s hard proof that our work is being paid off everyday, with tangible products that make managing crypto more useful to investors. We still have a ton of ideas to improve ZCore, all of which will bring strong benefits to those who believe in it.”, Erick Costa — ZCore Creator/ZCore Masternodes System Creator.

Ace — Community-manager/Support

“It’s great to work on the ZCore project! Dealing with technology demands hard work, as things can go so fast you can’t believe. In crypto, it can go even faster, but it also demands that we take our time to do things the right way. It gets especially challenging when the job is bringing people together around such an ambitious project. But seeing that today we can say that we can heavily rely on the community we built to spread the world on ZCore is very gratifying. And that’s why everything’s so thrilling”, Ace — Community-manager/Support.

Best regards

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