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ZCRT Wallet — Telegram BOT

Now you can control your ZCRT Tokens through at Telegram BOT.

Access the official BOT on @ZCRTBot, or https://t.me/ZCRTBot

When do you start use the BOT will show to you 3 very important things:
1. your private key;
2. a phrase composed of alleatory 12 words;
3. the paper wallet image (the QR Code from paper wallet can be used in other wallets, its make everything easy).

Please backup all it, remember that you can need it on the future to restore your balance in other wallets.

Using one of examples above you can restore your coins in any wallets as like Trust Wallet or Metamask.


The BOT have an of Airdrop option, the group admins can add the BOT in any Telegram Groups to all users of Community participate of ZCRT Airdrop.
Its can be only used within a group.
When you activate your participation on Airdrop, the BOT answer you about how many users are enabled for the next draw lot.


In addition to Airdrop the Bot can do rain of Tokens!
For all users subscribed to Airdrop its possible distribute Tokens through /rainz command on Telegram Groups.

Look what you can do through BOT:


use to see your active ETH address;


use to show your balance in ZCRT and ETH, you can use this command in groups too;


use to send ZCRT/ETH for other users and addresses.
The syntax of command is: /send @user_name or ETH_address value coin GAS
/send @Johnydep 1 (here you will send 1 ZCRT);
you can send ZCRT choosing the GAS:
/send @Johnydep 0.10 ZCRT 0.001 (sending 0.10 ZCRT using 0.001 ETH to GAS)
/send @Johnydep 0.50 (if you don choose GAS, the BOT will use the minor option ETH to GAS)
0x561De40086G56a8da5b35B4B92TBc3d72f8FBD4D 2 0.002 (sending 2 ZCRT using 0.002 ETH to GAS)
/send 0x2B2eE6316C6Bb37217E0788c625e1b11309F133c 0.5 ETH (sending 0.5 ETH with minor GAS available);


its very easy create commands to send coins for users and addresses;


show GAS ZCRT/ETH prices current (if you dont define the GAS when you send coins, the BOT will use the minor option to GAS);


see the ZCRT Contract and history in ETH blockchain;


this option only can running wihtin Telegram Groups, you can add the BOT in a group or use within group that already added the BOT for your users.
The BOT will draw lots each hour. You can be an winner, participate now.
Important: you need activate your participation on each hour;


this option only can running wihtin Telegram Groups, you can distribute Tokens through /rainz value command on Telegram Groups — each user subscribed in Airdrop will too receive tokens through rain;


you can choose and change the language of your BOT;


its can remove your wallet from BOT (before: save the phrase and private key);


with this command you will can see the guide in your choosed language;

To Telegram groups

You can add the BOT in your Telegram group so your users can transfer coins within group — so dont need open the BOT in private to run commands.

How protect your Tokens

When do you use coins and tokens in your Telegram, its advisable use of PIN (Passcode Lock) to lock the app.

Buy/sell ZCRT tokens: https://central.zcore.cash/exchange

More infos about Token please access ZCore.network

Please join in our social media on Twitter, Discord or Telegram.



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