Foreigners in Adastra: Bangladeshi Data Analyst Makina Rahman

Jul 30 · 6 min read

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Makina got her Master's at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Makina, I know you came to Czech Republic from Bangladesh. Could you tell me the story behind you coming here?

Back in my country, I finished my Bachelor degree and started working in a bank. I worked there for almost 5 years and I wanted to get some higher studies. I wanted to have a foreign degree but I also wouldn’t be able to afford studying abroad on my own expenses. So I was waiting for some scholarship. Then, an offer came to study Master’s degree in Informatics in the Czech Republic, at ČZU (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague).

So it was not exactly your plan to come to Czech Republic.

No, actually before coming here I had no idea about Czech Republic. First I tried Canada but I didn’t get the scholarship. I just wanted to move from Bangladesh. Only after I got the scholarship I started to learn about the country. Before that I did not even think that I would end up here (laughing). Also it was my first time abroad, so everything was new for me.

Roller skating in Prague

„I can go anywhere by myself, even at 2 a. m. That would never by possible in Bangladesh“

How is living in Czech Republic for you, when there is such a big cultural difference?

Czech is my first country abroad, but I have been here for 3 years now and really love this place. I like Prague, walking in the old town… I think I like almost everything.

There is a huge difference between my country and Czech Republic. At home almost everything is banned for girls. Here I can go anywhere by myself, even at 2 a. m., which would never be possible in Bangladesh. At home, if a girls goes alone to a restaurant, everyone will look at her like she is an alien. I love the independence I have here. I am playing badminton, I am trying swimming, I’m taking a lot of lessons. At my age I’m trying roller skating, that would not be possible in my country.

Bangladesh is a muslim country, right?

It is not declared as a muslim country like Pakistan or Iran. But the majority of people are muslims, even though there is a part of Christians, Hindu, Buddhist… I am a muslim myself.

Do you get any unpleasant reactions from Czech people?

Yes, especially old people look at me badly. Sometimes people are unpleasant when they see the colour of my skin. But most of the time people are nice.

How did your family and friends react when you have decided to move to Europe?

As for my friends, most of them have already moved somewhere, for example to Canada. But generally speaking, a girl can never go abroad alone in my country. She can marry and then travel with her husband. My father is super conservative at one side, and on the other hand he is very supportive towards my studies. So I told him I was going abroad for higher studies and assured him that Czech Republic is a safe country. Then he agreed.

Do you miss anything from home?

Of course I miss the food, and some cultural events, sometimes I miss the culture. But I really love this place. I love that you can go anywhere. Also at work you are free, you can go straight to project manager and talk to him directly if you have any problems, while in my country you have to go step by step.

Office badminton

How did you get to Adastra when you were already living in Prague?

In the first year I started working in a telco company. When I was just finishing my degree, I met Michalea from Acamar (a company that is staffing Adastra Group) in a career fair, she asked me for an interview and offered me a position in Adastra. I wanted to work with data, so we have started communicating. There were 3 steps of interviews and finally I have started working on a project in the automobile industry. It has been 2 years now. At first I was working part-time because I still had a lot to do at school. After 3 months I finished my degree, so I talked to my manager and started working full-time in Adastra.

„Everyone is being friendly and helpful in Adastra“

Tell me Makina, how do you see Adastra as an employer, as a Bangladeshi IT professional?

As for Czech companies, I can only compare the two I have been working in. I was working for 1 year for my previous employer and it was not as friendly and cooperative. Adastra is super friendly. The atmosphere is nice, everyone can speak English, people are always cooperating. Everyone is being friendly and helpful. Sometimes we have these office events when we come and spend some time together.

How do you like the job?

I am doing data analyses, reporting, I am creating dashboards for the client, also I do some database analysis. And that’s what I like, I really love working with data.

Makina on her way home

You are saying the atmosphere is nice, what else do you like about Adastra?

As I have said there are different office events where you can have food and some fun. There is this whole office event, sometimes it is all the people on our project, sometimes only our team. Adastra provides language lessons, so it would be easier for me to learn Czech language. We have the option of home office. Also there are free drinks and snacks in the office.

From time to time we travel to another city to meet our client. Adastra has rented an apartment there so if you need to work late you can stay overnight. At some point I had some problems with an apartment I have rented and for 12 days I didn’t have anywhere to stay. I was looking for some hotels, but my manager told me I could stay in this Adastran apartment. That was very helpful at that time.

Would you like to work with Makina? We are currently looking for IT professionals for the very same project in automobile industry. Check out the website of Adastra and than contact us on!

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