Foreigners in Adastra II: Russian Data Analyst Ekaterina

„I grew professionally in Adastra,“ says Katya, who came from Russia to work for Adastra almost 2 years ago. She admits moving to Czech Republic was terrifying for her: „When you are relocating, you function in a survival mode. You have no idea how things will work out.“ Katya now lives in Prague, enjoys the project she is working on, the friendly atmosphere in Adastra — and also Czech weather and architecture.

Aug 15, 2019 · 5 min read

To read in Czech, see a Czech translation of the interview:

Ekaterina Ilina, more known as Katya in Adastra

Katya, how did you get from Russia to an Adastran project?

I come from a quite noisy place, a city of Samara. I used to be a Data Analyst in a bank back home. I was contacted by Acamar (company focused on R&D Consulting and a part of Adastra Group), they came with an offer to come to Czech Republic. It was a call with Acamar that I liked.

How was moving to Czech Republic for you?

Oh, that was terrifying. I was in panic, really (laughing). Everything is different here. Different culture, traditions, you have to speak English at work… Also before relocation, when I was supposed to have the first interview with the boss, I was nervous how would it go. I didn’t have a specific position, so I was afraid, will I really get the job? But as for the place itself, I am enjoying it now.

First day in Prague

„The output of my work is helping people understand their business. They get interesting data and make decisions based on this output“

How about the first days in Adastra?

First days were very interesting. Every company is using different technologies, different information architecture, you need to get used to it hands on, so there is a lot of information to process.

On the other hand we work for a big company in automobile industry so I would say it is interesting. I like the social part of it, as the output of my work is helping some people understand their own business, they get data that are interesting and they make decisions based on my output. I am working in Adastra for almost 2 years now and I also got promoted once. I am learning a lot, I grew in Adastra.

How would you describe the atmosphere in the team on the project?

Everyone is very friendly and supportive. The team is very nice, maybe it is just our project, but I can come to anyone and ask for help.

Are there many foreigners?

There are colleagues from Argentina, a girl from Bangladesh, many people came from Ukraine, Russia or Kazakhstan.

Adastra party with colleagues

„I miss my family, my car and my grandma’s boršč“

Can you speak any Czech?

Yes, I like it, I try to learn, it is easy. I take lessons once a week and I can already understand something when you speak Czech.

Is there anything about Czech culture that is hard to understand for you?

I don’t understand Czech people drinking beer all the time. Even though I know it is not all Czechs. Also, that habit of hitting girls with a stick during Easter? You would think you are crazy!

Don’t worry, I don’t get it either. I usually travel abroad. My parents hide the car in the garden so that people think we are not at home.

Ok, that’s a good solution (laughing). Well, of course it is difficult for everyone to come to a new country, but as for these things bound to culture, you have to respect it, maybe to adapt to the environment.

Left: Katya and her cat | Right: Katya's grandparents visiting her, happy to be abroad for the first time

What do you like about living in Czech?

For example right now I am sitting in an office and watching a beautiful cathedral in Karlínské náměstí. I like the architecture in Prague. Also I like the weather. And public transport is very good.

What do you miss from home?

My family, of course. Also my car. I couldn’t move my car with me. I was a driver, but they took my driver’s licence and sent it by post. And in Russia, they usually lose your papers somewhere. And I miss boršč from my grandma.

What would you say to a friend that is considering relocation and working for Adastra?

I would say Adastra will provide some important support when you are moving. They will help you with accomodation and give you information. Imagine, when you are moving, you have a survival mode on. You have no idea how things will work out. You need to know what will happen at the airport, where the shops are, what to expect in the shops. It is good to know you will be calmed down in your panic. Adastra would take care of you even if they fired you. What might be good to know is that I came with my cat. So if you have an animal, there is a way to move it, too.

Would you like to work with Katya? We are currently looking for IT professionals for the very same project in automobile industry. Check out the website of Adastra and than contact us on!

Ze života Adastřanů

Poznejte, jak se nám v Adastře pracuje.

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