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Zealous provides you with a Live Home Page for your audience. You can use this page to provide additional notes, capture feedback, share links, and much more.

Pages Types

Zealous has 2 kinds of pages you can configure:

  1. Space Home Page
  2. Room Home Page

Space Home Page

Every Space starts with a Space Home Page. When you first start a new space, this page will be blank. The Space Home Page comes configured with the Subscription Block by default.

Room Home Page

Every time you schedule or create a Room on Zealous, a new page is created for that Room. The Room Page comes configured with a couple of blocks automatically:

  1. Countdown Block
  2. Question Block
  3. Questions Block

We’ll explain more about Blocks in the next section.

Building Blocks

Zealous gives you a number of building blocks you can use to put your Live Home Page together. With some small exceptions, you can have as many blocks as you want on a page.

Available Blocks for Zealous Live Home Page

Subscription Block

The Subscription Block gives visitors the opportunity to sign up for alerts from your Space. This includes notifications about New Rooms and reminders about Rooms they have RSVPed to.

Text Block

The Text Block can be used for adding quick notes and information. You can do basic formatting, but it does not currently support HTML.

Links Block

The Links Block lets you provide a collection of links for your audience. You may want to use this to link to your publications, clubs, or other channels.

Question Block

The Question Block allows you to ask your audience a question. These questions receive simple text answers.

Your audience will have to sign in before they can submit a question.

Questions List Block

The Questions List Block lets you display the questions your audience has asked. This is automatically linked to the Questions Block.

Ideas Block

The Ideas Block allows you to ask your audience for ideas. This is useful for finding out topics you may want to discuss, guests you may want to interview, etc.

Your audience can also vote on which ideas they like the best. They will have to sign in before they can submit an idea or vote.

Rooms Block

The Rooms Block lets you list all your live streams and rooms. This can be used for tracking any Room that has a URL (Clubhouse, Zoom, Facebook Live, etc.) or your own Zealous Room (full live streaming).

Who Can See My Blocks?

You have full control over which blocks can be seen by whom.

Block Visibility

You can make your blocks visible to these different viewers:

  • Public -everyone can see it
  • Members — anyone who’s signed up to your Space
  • Admins — only the owner(s) of the Space

Here are some reasons you may use these permissions:

  • Make dial-in information and passwords for live streams visible
  • Keep links to member-only downloads private
  • Keep members from seeing the questions and who asked them



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