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We want to allow our community to be as involved as possible in the development of Zealous — you have all the best ideas, after all.

We plan to do releases once a week on Zealous and will share them with you. The best resource for support and help is our Zealous Community — join our space to get regular Zealous Updates (Zupdates).

Admin Menu

We’ve got a lot coming your way in terms of administering your space and that requires a better way to access your most important information.

Depending on where you access Zealous from (phone or computer), you will either be linked off the menu on the top left (three lines) or visible by default on your computer or tablet:

The Admin Menu

Here’s what those items do:

  • Home — leads to the home page for your Space
  • Events — lets you see all your upcoming events (more soon)
  • Members — lets you review and download data about your subscribers
  • Settings — configure your Space’s settings
  • Switch Spaces — create a new Space and navigate to Spaces you own or are a member of


Events are the heart of Zealous and we are working hard to make it as easy to add events, manage them, and get the word out.

Quick Events

You can now quickly create a new event by clicking the + icon next to events and this will automatically generate an Event Page for you that you can customize.

Remember: you should also add the Events (formerly Rooms) block to your page to show off your upcoming events.

Event Sharing

We feel silly we didn’t do this sooner, but now every event page and listing has built-in sharing links so you and your fans can share the word to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Event Listing

The new Event Listing will show you all your upcoming events in a list form. Right now it’s limited to just admins, but expect much more to come here!

Events Listing


Many creators don’t work alone — it takes a village, right? You can now add others in as co-admins for your Space. This will make it easier for adding rooms, taking notes, and lots more.

Head into your Settings and click the Team tab to invite your team via email.

Team Admin (in your Settings)

Tweets Block

We heard your requests! You can now feature relevant tweets directly on your pages with the new Tweets Block. This comes in handy if you want to:

  • Highlight a quote someone captured
  • Highlight a member from the community
  • Highlight some praise or a testimonial you received

Email Alerts

We want to make sure that you know what’s happening in your space. We’ve added a number of new email notifications so you can tell when things are happening! For now, we’ll send notifications to all your Team members.

Example email notification of a new question

We’ll send you an email whenever someone:

  • Joins your Space
  • Asks a Question
  • Suggests a Topic

Zealous is a live community platform that helps creators build stronger relationships with the fans and a sustainable future for themselves.

You can learn more at https://zealous.space.
Join our community at



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