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4 min readMar 29, 2024


The Zebec Protocol and its ZBC token have evolved into The Zebec Network with a corresponding ZBCN token ticker to better represent the business and the growing portfolio of products and the infrastructure network that powers it.

Key Facts for the upcoming token swap from ZBC to ZBCN:

  • Swap period April 9th to May 10th
  • No new supply of tokens will be introduced into the market.
  • Tokenomics of ZBCN will mirror those of ZBC, maintaining the same governance, utility, vesting, and lock-up schedules.
  • Other than the new token name the primary change will be the token split 1:10

Token Split 1:10 — Network Expansion and Enhancing Accessibility

Zebec is undergoing a significant transformation by consolidating multiple protocols and integrating our diverse blockchain-enabled payment and payroll products into a single interconnected network. This integration will substantially enhance our network’s utility, extending its support beyond payment flows to also encompass data and physical infrastructure (DePin).

As we prepare for the launch of our Point of Sale (PoS) device, we anticipate a substantial increase in the volume of network transactions. This projected growth necessitates a reevaluation of our transaction fee structure to ensure efficiency and accessibility.

To address these changes, we have initiated a token split at 1 ZBC to 10 ZBCN ratio. This approach mirrors the concept of a stock split in traditional finance, where a company increases the number of its shares to boost liquidity and make the stock more accessible to a broader range of investors. Similarly, by splitting our token, we aim to achieve several key objectives:

Expanded Use Cases: The token split will facilitate a broader range of transactions on our network, accommodating the expanded services and increased transaction volume. This change will make our network more versatile and capable of handling diverse transaction types.

Ease of Transaction Fee Calculation: Utilizing whole numbers for gas fees, such as 1 ZBCN per transaction instead of 0.1 ZBC, simplifies the fee calculation process. This simplicity is crucial for both users and network operators, as it makes transactions more straightforward and transparent.

Increased Accessibility: Lowering the unit cost of tokens through a split makes our network more accessible to a wider audience. It reduces the financial barrier to entry, allowing smaller investors and users to participate more actively in the network.

Market Perception: Token split represents Zebec’s team confidence and positive outlook for the prospects of the business. Splits often result in a positive perception in the market, signaling growth and accessibility. We anticipate this development to lead to increased interest and investment in the token, benefiting the ecosystem as a whole.

Migration to ZBCN: Details and Key Conditions

The token swap process will commence on April 10th, where ZBC tokens will be exchanged for ZBCN at a 1:10 ratio. This means that for every ZBC token, holders will receive 10 ZBCN tokens. It’s important to note that no new ZBCN tokens will be created during this swap. Instead, all ZBC tokens will be effectively burned via a smart contract as part of the swapping process.

The swap period is set to last for one month, concluding on May 10th. During this 30-day window, both ZBC and ZBCN tokens will coexist, allowing for a smoother transition for token holders. The swap can be conducted through our dedicated migration portal at migration.zebec.io (view migration process demo here)

On Exchanges: For those holding ZBC tokens on exchanges, the transition has been coordinated with these platforms and swap happen automatically.

Trading and withdrawal of $ZBC will be halted on April 8th, coinciding with the start of the swap process. In preparation for the ZBC to ZBCN migration, some CEX’s might begin swapping ZBC earlier, no action by holders is needed. Trading of the $ZBCN will commence on April 10th. Additionally, $ZBC liquidity will be withdrawn from Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) on April 8th, and the $ZBCN Liquidity Pool will be established concurrently to ensure market fluidity.

In conclusion, the token migration and split is a strategic move to adapt to the Zebec expanding business, enhance its functionality, and ensure accessibility and attractiveness of the token to a wider range of users and investors.

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