Zeedex Mainnet on ETH 1.0 (Deprecated)

Kyunghun Cheong
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2 min readDec 7, 2020


Releasing on 10th DEC 2020 at 15:00 UTC

Zeedex BSC Launch was a great experience and learning curve for us, which also helped us establish a healthy community support.

We are now headed towards our launch on ETH Blockchain.

To Celebrate our ETH Mainnet Launch, we have expanded the number of wallets we support with respect to our BSC Exchange.

Now we support more wallets.

Along with that, we have completed a demand from Community i.e. a White Theme for Zeedex.

White Theme is Here !

Now some key points —

  1. ZERO Gas Fees on Trading
  2. Utility to Wrap and Unwrap ETH
  3. Limit Orders
  4. Depositless

With these features comes some setbacks which are fine to us considering the benefits we get. We will talk about this in detail below.

We have 2 setbacks —

  1. ETH Network Congestion
  2. Trade Fees (which is paid in quote tokens on every trade)

Now for ETH Network Congestion, the only small setback we face is a Delay in Update on UI

The Orders will take 10–20 seconds (based on network stats at the time of writing) for show up as Processed.

Second setback is Trade Fees.
Zeedex takes fees in Quote Tokens per trade which can make our relayer unprofitable, the reason being that our relayers will have to pay huge fees in Gas on your behalf.

We are going with an Experimental Approach on Fees, for now we are starting with 0.3% fees for Maker and Taker, as we proceed we might change the fees as per needs.

These were the minor setbacks, but we are finding ways to get around this every way possible, and we are doing our best to bring the best possible, Decentralized Depositless Gasless Exchange.

Zeedex is here to revolutionize the Decentralized Space.

Happy Trading :)

Useful Links

⦁ Website: https://zeedex.io/
⦁ Twitter: https://twitter.com/zeedexio
⦁ Github: https://github.com/zeedexio
⦁ Telegram: https://t.me/zeedexio
⦁ Telegram announcements: https://t.me/zeedexann