These are the Coolest Startup Offices in NYC

The massage room at Zeel’s NYC office. Photo courtesy of inc. magazine

You’ve probably heard about Google’s and Facebook’s impressive offices and generous employee perks. A recent article by Inc. Magazine’s Tom Popomaronis now points the spotlight at some perhaps lesser-known but equally-cool offices at top NYC tech startups.

Zeel is honored to be featured as #2 on a ranked list of 13 coolest offices in New York, alongside great companies like Artsy, Alfred, TheSkimm, and Capsule.

Some highlights of the best workplace perks and features as chosen by Inc.:

Zeel’s massage room in the office

This spa-like massage room was designed to let employees “integrate the wellness benefits of massage into their busy lives,” shares Eva Carey, National Zeel Massage Therapist Director.

According to commercial realtor Gabe Marans, who contributed to the article, “The office space mirrors the offering of [Zeel’s] core massage-on-demand product. A relaxed, yet industrious energy permeates the high ceiling, brightly lit floor.” Marans goes on to describe the massage room as an “oasis” that provides a peaceful getaway for “those having a particularly rough day.”

In-office chair massages, which Zeel regularly provides for employees in this very room, are helpful beyond the feel-good benefits; they’re proven to boost productivity and morale in the workplace.

Artsy’s picturesque views of the city

Panoramic vistas that you didn’t know existed are hidden within this art platform’s Lower Manhattan office. Every window offers a view like the photo you wish you took on Instagram. As an online resource for discovering, collecting and selling fine art, the Artsy team is no stranger to looking at beautiful things. The wall-to-wall views of America’s largest metropolis must have an inspiring effect on their day-to-day creativity.

Artsy’s workspace also boasts “healthy snacks provided by Oh My Green” for good measure, along with one of the more famed happy hours of the local tech community.

Capsule’s in-house pharmacy

Located in the back of this on-demand prescription delivery startup is a “sizable and fully functioning pharmacy” that supplies the medication to Capsule’s customers (and provides even easier access for employees who need refills).

Having the pharmacy directly inside the space allows the company to more fully understand the customer experience so they can continue to innovate within the medical industry — not to mention, “fuel Capsule’s rocket-like growth.”

Alfred’s livable townhouse

This in-home hospitality service aims to improve and manage your living quarters, so why not have a livable space for employees to hang out? Alfred’s townhouse in NYC’s Flatiron district, also known as “HomeQuarters,” is built for homey comfort at the office.

Aside from being a nice change of scenery from the typical office setting, the HomeQuarters space puts Alfred employees in the mindset of their at-home customer. Alfred’s services include home cleaning, grocery shopping, and other home management tasks, offered by trained and carefully-vetted professionals.

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