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Rationalization of chaos — the strongest human habit

The world is many things but monotonous, there are thousands of things happening, and the one thing we can expect as a constant is only change. Every action of every organism on this planet is to restore equilibrium. No one knows when equilibrium can be achieved and whether there is one single equilibrium or are there multiple different equilibriums depending on the positionalities of organisms.

There are millions of unanswered questions about our existence, many of which are pertinent to deciding our futures. Yet, we humans have found ways to comfort ourselves amidst the noise of chaos through the rationalization of the same.

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

For instance, look at war; we all realize that there is no point in fighting any wars. While at the same time, we have hundreds of war-time theories to rationalize the reasons behind the war. This can be seen everywhere.
We have the tendency to rationalize everything. We rationalize to keep ourselves sane. Some of us have similar filters of rationalization, while some filters are entirely on the contrary. The Taliban rationalizes itself through its interpretations of the Quran, whereas our governments rationalize themselves through declarations such as our constitutions.

Rationalization creates simplicity, at least in mind. The process of creating these simplified approaches is one of our race’s oldest and strongest habits. It starts from the moment we are born till the end of our lives. As we experience it today, society is a bowling pot of rationalization education with the creation of docile subjects as an outcome. You and I are prey to these customs and hence, our overlying perspectives.

An interesting question to ponder is what would happen if we lose our ability to rationalize chaos? What would be the outcome if society stopped rationalizing us? What is the solution to the perpetual questions of our existence?

Synopsis: As a human habit, the rationalization of chaos is integral to our existence. It is our oldest and strongest habit. And it gives us a way to interact with our environments through our positionalities.



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