Zeeve 1.0 –Control Panel for your Blockchain Network

Jul 18, 2019 · 3 min read

Zeeve is an Enterprise grade deployment and management platform for your Blockchain networks and applications. It helps you deploy your PoC or production decentralized application using few clicks in few minutes.

Zeeve supports multiple public and permissioned Blockchain frameworks (Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Ethereum and more in the making), and supports deployment on multi-cloud environment (AWS, Microsoft Azure and more coming soon). It enables you with suitable deployment choices, on one hand authorizing your existing cloud account to deploy the networks and on other also allowing deployment as a managed service with a choice of cloud platforms to choose from.

Zeeve helps you to quickly integrate your decentralized app or smart contract and deploy on Blockchain framework and cloud of your choice. Whether you are a Blockchain Learner, Developer, Architect, Start-up, System Integrator or Consultant, Zeeve helps you focus on your core activity and leave the deployment and management to us, as a service.

  1. Blockchain Learner — Zeeve helps you with free account to try ready-to-deploy sample smart contracts on HyperLedger Sawtooth and Fabric. The free account will allow you to deploy the network and then add to it any available dApp from Zeeve’s free product repository. We are soon launching Resource Hub designed by Blockchain experts that will help you learn Blockchain from basics to coding.

2. Blockchain Developer — Whether you want to host your PoC with few nodes to production dApp with large no of nodes, Zeeve helps you quickly integrate your dApp and deploy on cloud of your choice (on-premise as well). You can manage the health of all your networks and optimize them for cost and performance as well.

3. Blockchain Start-up — We understand that as a start-up, you have limited resources and want to align them to the core platform. You can leave aside the hassles of deployment to Zeeve. Integrate your application once and deploy your nodes on the cloud of your choice. You can also use our easy single-click partner on-boarding feature to invite a participant to join the network. Each node can be deployed on different cloud environments with the node features intact.

4. SI or Consulting Company — As you are working with multiple clients and large decentralized applications, managing the complexity of deployment of nodes for each participant can be very time consuming and error prone. You can use the Enterprise package of Zeeve to setup different dApps and networks, each with its own rules, permissions and hosting environment. You can manage and monitor the networks from single Dashboard. We are a call away for any support you need.

  • Consortium — We understand that a decentralized Blockchain network in a consortium setting requires decentralized governance. Zeeve helps you invite each participant by email. Each participant can then set up their own node in their hosting environment with rules and permissions intact. We are soon coming with a Decentralized Governance smart contract that will help you setup the governance structure outside your apps.

We listen to our users and partners diligently to continue to improve Zeeve platform. We believe that an easy to use control panel for Blockchain Networks is a necessity for widespread adoption of Blockchain.

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Zeeve News

Futuristic Blockchain as a Service Platform.

Zeeve News

Futuristic Blockchain as a Service Platform. Focus on your core business. Zeeve will manage the Blockchain network for you; hassle free; no lock-in; no expertise required.


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Zeeve is an Enterprise Blockchain Management Platform that helps deploy, benchmark and manage Blockchain networks​. https://www.zeeve.io/

Zeeve News

Futuristic Blockchain as a Service Platform. Focus on your core business. Zeeve will manage the Blockchain network for you; hassle free; no lock-in; no expertise required.

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