Zeeve 1.2.0 Launches Support For Credits Blockchain Protocol

Aug 31, 2019 · 2 min read

If you are a developer then you must be familiar with Credits Platform already as an open-source, fully decentralized blockchain software protocol. Now it is simpler then ever to do Credits. If you are a developer working on credits or a business running a production grade solution, you can now sip a coffee, deploy, monitor and manage your Credits deployment on cloud with ease.

Zeeve will power up your Credits development and production environments. With a few clicks, it will enable you to deploy credits on your own cloud infrastructure.

1 2 3 Credits with Zeeve:

  • Choose among your choice of cloud providers, i.e. AWS and Azure
  • Sign up with Zeeve and authorize your cloud account through your profile
  • Launch a Credits MainNet Node through create a network option
  • Monitor resources, start/stop or delete on demand
  • Continue to create more nodes in different cloud data centers

Whats coming up for Credits Platform

  • TestNet support to be available soon
  • Support for hosted infrastructure for seamless and managed deployments
  • Wallet support for Credits
  • Smart Contract deployments
  • We hear you! You can submit feedback/features to us to improve

We have also squashed a few bugs and fixed some annoying issues. Please feel free to test the beta, we are open to suggestions, issues and feature requests.

Check now @ https://www.zeeve.io (https://www.zeeve.io/)

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