DN Fintech Conference

On the 6th of november The Zeipt Project had the honor of being invited to present our vision at DN Fintech; a yearly held conference by Dagens Næringsliv, where many financial syndicates gather and some hold presentations regarding the technological future of finance. In between presentations, however, we also decided to bother some of the people at the event with a few questions.

As a fintech company, our consumers needs will always have a high priority. So, needless to say, we are very keen on listening to how you believe our product could satisfy your needs. During the conference we, therefore, asked four random people some questions that could help us navigate.

(All questions and answers were originally in norwegian, but translated for the sake of this article.)

When asked about his thoughts on the fact that pretty much everything around us is digitized nowadays, except receipts, Christian Løverås, head of API for Vipps, replied:

-This is a problem for me personally. I often end up having a “scanning-session”, where I scan the paper receipts. Sometimes, I also take photos, for example for work, where we have an app that we have to upload our receipts in order to receive our reimbursement claims. But here I am always dependent on getting a paper receipt to begin with, which is a bit backwards, if you ask me; We take something that exists digitally, print a paper version of it, in order to digitize this piece of paper once more. It’s as if we would write something on a computer, print it out, fax it to each other, and then rewrite the same text on the next computer.
-For me, simplifying our everyday lives is probably the most important aspect of this. That’s also what we are doing in Vipps; making it easier for people to spend their time and thoughts on the things they want, he adds.
It’s as if we would write something on a computer, print it out, fax it to each other, and then rewrite the same text on the next computer.

The next person we talked to was Lise Ekanger, the product manager at Tripletex AS. When asked about what she thinks will be the biggest benefit for consumers that get offered a platform like Zeipt, she answered:

-That they won’t lose their receipts. If it’s 100 percent digital to begin with, it will also be 100 percent readable. I think this is a great value, for company employees in particular, but also for the companies themselves, because it will be easier for them to have a correct overview on what they spend their money on.

The last two people we spoke to were, Johanna Tell and Erika Egonsson, working for DIBS.

- Customer-experience, we believe, is the most important aspect you could cover. You get a good experience when you walk into a store and it’s tidy, likewise, your archive should always be lucid, organized and easy to use.
-You don’t always remember where you purchased something, and what if you should need the receipt to be able to check a warranty? My experience (as a customer) is the most important one, both in private and as a firm. What if we had an app for this; where you could just print out what you wanted, and should you lose something it would make it a lot easier to track down, they add.

During the conference we also made a big announcement, so make sure you don’t miss out on it by clicking here!