Top Stories published by Zelig-dev in 2017

Zelig and the Outside World

The functionality described in this post was inspired by conversations I had with @izahn and @vincentarelbundock over on the Zelig GitHub Issues page. The complete feature set will be available from Zelig 5.0–16.

Zelig version 5.0–17: counterfactuals, imputations, nonlinear transformations

We released Zelig version 5.0–17 to CRAN the other day. There are lots of updates that make working with nonlinear covariate transformations, imputations, and counterfactuals much easier. Here are…

Documenting Zelig

This post refers to Zelig version 5.0-13

In a previous post I discussed the goal to improve Zelig’s tests. A related goal that I’m also focusing on is improve Zelig’s documentation. Clear documentation enables:

  • users to easily use Zelig in their…

Zelig-dev Blog Introduction

Last week (9 January 2017) I started working as a research associate at IQSS, Harvard University. I’m initially tasked with maintaining and expanding the Zelig R package.

Zelig is an ambitious package. It has the goal to be “Everyone’s Statistical…

More and More Tests!

Starting from about 14% code coverage in Zelig 5.0–13, and due in no small part to lots of work by James Honaker, Zelig will have over 83% code coverage in version 5.0–15:

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