Abundance Abounds

Nature provides more

Ilis Trudie Palmer
Zen Poetry
Published in
Oct 13, 2023


Photo by Eryka-Ragna on Unsplash

Grab your bath suit and a towel
We’re going to an ancient place,
Where constant healing waters flow
And pain disappears without a trace

What place,
Nice place
I can treat
A sore knee?

Pamukkale and Hierapolis
The Aegean coast of Turkey,
Hot spring pools of Kleopatra
And the Greco-Roman holy city

Were wars fought there
Did men claim ground,
Not knowing that goodness
Of nature abounds?

Sadly so, said Bing
Even an AI knows
That the Universe expands
To meet our goals

One day man will discover
There’s no need for war,
And that living in peace
Is what we came here for

We, Bing
You human now?
Not yet,
But we’re working on it.



Ilis Trudie Palmer
Zen Poetry

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