As I Stand Before You

The certainty that separation’s past and I am whole

Zen Poetry
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2 min readJun 21, 2024


Autumn leaves against a blue sky
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If I can stand before you
In my glorious majesty
Divorced from all the lies I told
Before my mind was free

Evanescent beauty
In the heart that feeds the soul
Coursing through my cells
As all is lifted, driven home

When I can stand before you
In such glorious majesty
Remembering my power
As it crashes through my seams

Overflowing flood
Of liberated energy
Walls that tried to hold it in
Dismissed so easily

As I stand before you
With my eyes ablaze with fire
The richness of your certainty
Will fan the flames still higher

As all our past transgressions
Are dismissed and driven home
To be no more remembered
In the heart that feeds the soul



Zen Poetry

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