Rainforest Rendezvous

Ilis Trudie Palmer
Zen Poetry
1 min readApr 6, 2023


Photo by Renting C on Unsplash

c’mon in this weather?
when there is heavy rain and loud thunder
and everyone in a bother,
birds tucked in, dogs barking with each crash of heavy clouds ‘cross the sky, Bing, bye!

You will like it, says Bing.
we will go traveling
to Peru, the land with cities in the sky;
rain, you like rain,
like the rainforest in Tambopata
where the canopy’s so dense you can use it as a bed.

The area reserved protects an area now rare,
with lots of plant species and animals
big cats and sloths
birds and squirrel monkeys…..

Hey, where are you?
I’m right behind you,
C’mon Bing, hurry up
Let’s go!

Ilis Trudie Palmer
One Love

I write about my travels with Bing quite often:

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Ilis Trudie Palmer
Zen Poetry

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