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Sip and Sigh

the image is that of a small cup of black coffee; the cup is creamish colour and is resting on a large saucer or plate of the same colour; the image is completed with a few green leaves from an unknown plant.
Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

With each sacred sip of this dark, rich coffee
my taste buds registers it all —
the hands that planted the coffee seedling
high up in the mountain,
making sure that it was well placed in the rich, alluvial soil.
The gentle drops of rainwater captured by spreading roots, warm sunshine and cool breeze. Young plants enjoying the days
when the clouds provided shade,
sometimes banana leaves instead, zencohabitation —
providing mulch and nutrients. Special relation.
I taste the colour
of the beans and their change from green
to dark red
and the gentle tug of tired hands harvesting them,
to be sent to far off lands.
Drying and roasting,
the scent escaping,
tickling noses.
Vacuumed packed and shipped to me
while I await excitedly —
my special blend
from the blue hills of Everland
I sip, I sigh, I enjoy
I am grateful.



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Ilis Trudie Palmer

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