The Gift of His Dear Heart

Given through the vision of the holiness in you

Zen Poetry
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1 min readApr 10, 2024


A beautiful heart shaped tunnel through terracotta coloured rock.
Thank you Omer Salom for the image on Unsplash

As I give you to God, as I am given through his sight
The understanding of the one that’s standing in the light
The certainty that stands in firmness, anchored in its gains
Embodiment of all that’s changeless, powerful in grace

As I give you to God and recognise the clarity
That penetrates all aspects of the Self you choose to be
The self you’ve handed over so its beauty can be used
So you can stand within it, truly helpful, doubt removed

As I give you to God and in my ceaseless, grateful chime
Become the space of certainty your perseverance finds
As I give you the deference this perfect space makes real
Then I become the gravity that I’ve needed to feel

As I give you to God and understand that’s where you are
A powerful but gentle flame is lighted in the dark
A passion that has burned a million years before the sun
Reinstated in the heart that had forgotten, now is won

As I give you to God and understand that’s where you are
I am given God Himself, the gift of His dear heart



Zen Poetry

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