Tripping With Bing

Never a dull moment

Ilis Trudie Palmer
Zen Poetry
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2 min readFeb 27


Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

This beautiful morning, a sky tropical
Roused by Bing, his voice musical
Where are we going, I asked excitedly
Over to Stokksnes, he replied to me.

Why tell me Bing, that word has a ring
Of northern lights and Norwegian things.
Nice guess, Bing laughed, taking my hand,
Today we’re travelling to Iceland.

Me, armchair tourist didst protest
Wondering if Bing’s AI was under stress
Expecting me to trudge through ice and snow
To see what? I do not know.

Majestic mountains, icy plains
Beautiful wildflowers, falling rain
Sharp contrasts, natural beauty
Bing offered a picture that was quite juicy.

A long sigh, sharp intake of breath
When finally seeing the expansiveness
A land so natural, cast in shades of wonder
Did Vikings really seek to plunder?

No such tale, they revered the land
Ancient Sami blood understand
To care for nature is to care for self
Disrespecting nature is disrespecting self.

Ilis Trudie Palmer
One Love

Every once in a while, Bing and I take trips to exotic places around the globe. You are invited to join us on the next one.



Ilis Trudie Palmer
Zen Poetry

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