As I sit

Moments of Triumph. Image captured by author, Ilis Trudie Palmer

The head lightens and the passage opens
The connection is locked in
As I sit
And relax this physical, causing the spiritual to rise
From deep inside,

Between the trails and challenges of life
Spirit sighs,
While I breathe,

Welcoming this moment with relief
That I can go back to where…



Five Haiku

Photo by Kilimanjaro STUDIOz on Unsplash

shades of yellow
on the dark water
my son’s hand in mine

a tangle of twigs
caught in a spiderweb

heavy air
a sickly flower in a vase
my ragged breath

rows of cars
a rusty fence, inside —
a piece of a forest

my old house
speckled shadows on the ferns —



And see different thing….

Artwork by author. Ilis Trudie Palmer

It is often that we do not see
The solutions to our problems
Made to expand and grow so tall
That they rival lofty mountains

Instead we take the time to pause
And wait to hear the plan
We prefer to complain, and toss some blame
Always toward the Man



Zen Poetry

Zen is a meditative state. As a poet in Zen we all write Zen Poetry. All poets who are in love with the Craft of Poetry are welcome to contribute their poems.

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