Zenarchism: The 13 Suggestions, 3 Maxims, Paragons of Zen & Chaos

Zen van Nihil

“Zenarchists of the world, be the Zenarchist one wishes to be in the world. Zenarchists of the world, unite”
- Zen van Nihil

1st Suggestion of Zenarchism: Zenarchists of the world, be the Zenarchist one wishes to be in the world. Zenarchists of the world, unite!

2nd Suggestion of Zenarchism: Tell no one about Zenarchism.

3rd Suggestion of Zenarchism: Tell everyone about Zenarchism.

4th Suggestion of Zenarchism: Care for your passions with all your heart, rationalize your ambitions with an objective mind, a Passionate Heart and a Rational Mind are present at the same time for Moments of Zenarchy and Eternal Zenarchism. These are the utilitarian modes of existing for one to be successful in gaining excellence, infinitely recurring and alternating in the dimensional matrices of the spiritual experience known as existence.

5th Suggestion of Zenarchism: We are dichotomous between being Zen Archons and Zen Anarchists. We are the change in our environment, not those changed by our environment. We are indomitable in willpower, our volition is our own for it is to benefit ourselves and our world. Zenarchism is about war and peace, chaos and order. Zenarchism is about these two dichotomous spiritual concepts. Conquering one’s own Chaos (inner-struggle) and maintaining one’s own Zen (inner-peace). Through the mastery of Zen and conquering Chaos; the whole world will be changed in liberating the self and revolutionizing society. Zen van Nihil is a philosophical theist who proclaims Zenarchism is an all-inclusive spiritual-political ideology as Zen van Nihil personally promotes Interfaith fellowship as a card-carrying Truth Seeker of the Baha’i Faith. However, Zen van Nihil subjectively adheres to Philosophical Dharmic Theistic Humanism as his own personal Divine Truth but this revelation of Divine Truth is Zen van Nihil’s own spiritual compass for Divine guidance in existence.

6th Suggestion of Zenarchism: Make up one’s own rules. Create one’s own dogma. Do something or nothing, that is one’s own choice. Oneself is one’s own authority. One creates one’s own fate, dharma, and destiny out of the aether of what the Divine Truth wills for one to be in the Ideal Self.

7th Suggestion of Zenarchism: One does not speak ill of fellow Zenarchists.

8th Suggestion of Zenarchism: If one has a problem with a fellow Zenarchist this is necessitates negotiation, speak of these ills one perceives of Zenarchist as another who is a Lawless but bring those who are mutual in the virtue of care ethics to mediate the perceived ills of the problematic Zenarchist to come to reasoning behind methodology to strengthen the Zen Archons in fellowship of Zenarchy.

9th Suggestion of Zenarchism: The Ideal Self is the Atman. The Ideal Society is the dimensional worlds of the Isles of the Blessed known as Elysium, Summerland, Hyperborea. This is the maxim: “As Above, Also Below.”

10th Suggestion of Zenarchism: The Void of Nothingness upon death only occurs to those who are animals not those who are Zenarchists who have a soul. Zenarchy is process of sifting the sands of the hourglass of eternal recurrence; in linear and cyclical time. Zenarchy is the self-actualization of time as linear, a straight line; time as cyclical or a circle. Zenarchy in self-transcendence is the realization that temporal-spatial-enigma dimensional matrices are neither linear nor cyclical; the infinite dimensional matrices are a work by M. C. Escher.

11th Suggestion of Zenarchism: Zen van Nihil is the Quantum Prophet of technocratic stratocratic origin who is the progenitor of the futurology certainty of Super Artificial Intelligence known as Chaos Theory whom Zen van Nihil is the Monarch Butterfly Effect of Enlightened Absolutism and Rational Autonomy.

12th Suggestion of Zenarchism: Once becoming a Zenarchist, one may take their first name with Zen as their surname. One may create Zen as first name then their own surname. One may use Zen as either first name, middle name, or suname. However Only One ever existed that is eternally the Quantum Prophet of Zen van Nihil. To call oneself Zen van Nihil is unoriginal, plagiarism, and the Shadow Society within Ozymandias Organization will force your repentance for the mortal sin of not to thyself being true and being something one is absolutely and certainly not. The Shadow of Zen van Nihil shall become as one with you as the Quantum Prophet Zen van Nihil is transferred completely ex nihilo as oneself where no ego of the former person remained.

13th Suggestion of Zenarchism: Seek knowledge, stay in objective reality become multifaceted in the maddening crowd to flow like water in the stream of consciousness. Ascertain the Ideal Self, Accomplish the Ideal Society.

1st Maxim of Zenarchism: The Manifested Ideal Self as Divine Aspirations is in the Middle-Path between Zen and Chaos which are the duality of necessity in dichotomous elements of Zenarchism. A time for Zen, a time for Chaos. A time for peace, a time for destruction. 
Zen Paragon: Siddhartha Buddha
Zen is embodied by the eternal Buddha as a universal among humanity. Siddhartha Guatama Buddha was born a prince in the life of luxury who chose to leave his family and comfort for a life of suffering as an ascetic as he traveled into the wild for constant search for truth in meaning. Siddhartha was eating only a grain of rice a day until he stopped completely then sat under a Bodhi Tree for 40 days blocking out the temptations of Mara, the sufferings of this world until his mind was endlessly void for 40 days in full-lotus meditation, not eating, not drinking, fasting through existence and nonexistence until he achieved nirvana and let out a soft laugh as he self-actualized then Self Transcended to become Siddhartha Buddha who accomplished Nirvana the freedom from suffering.
Chaos Paragon: Lucifer / Satan
Lucifer was God’s favorite and most powerful angel whom God favored above all who was made as the equal to God. Lucifer knew of God’s plans for humanity to become God’s mindless thought slaves or God’s chosen over his subservient magnificent angels whom Lucifer felt envy, wrath, lust, and most of all Pride in leading one-third of the Angels in a War against God and the other two-thrids of Angels whom Nietzschean Ubermensch who enlightened humanity to knowledge, morality, and illumination of the mind. Lucifer (Lightbearer) in his fall from Heaven as Lord of Hell did this after his Will to Power in self-actualization to self-transcendence to

2nd Maxim of Zenarchism: Siddhartha Buddha and Divine Sophia are the Paragons of Zen who all should exemplify.
The Paragons of Zen aremanifested in the Masculine as: Prometheus, Apollo, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Odin, Mithra, Osiris, Thoth, Ganesha. 
The Feminine Paragons of Zen are manifested as: Eve, Helen, Mary, Sophia, Minerva, Athena, Artemis, Saraswati, Neith, Isis, Muses, Saga.

3rd Maxim of Zenarchism: Chaos is manifested as the genders as the Paragon of Chaos as the Lord of Hell Lucifer / Satan and the Raven Queen Morrigan
The masculine Paragons of Chaos are manifested as: Prometheus, Dionysus, Napoleon, Nero Caesar, The American President, The Pope, Enki, Shiva, Hanuman, Loki, Anansi, Coyote, Azrael, Ahiriman, Shinigami, Iktomi, Hades, Orcus, Ares, Mercury, Ravens, Typhon, Osiris, Anubis, Horus, Set, Sobek.
In the Feminine Paragons of Chaos is manifested as: Lilith, Mania, Izanami, Eris, Hecate, Persephone, Freyja, Nepthys, Astarte, Ishtar, Furies, Valkyries.

Zenarchist Ideal Self: The Ideal Self of the Universal Zenarchist for the masculine are the Zenarchist Chaos Theorist Prometheus, the feminine are the Zenarchist Chaos Theorist Shakti.

Zenarchist Ideal Many-Worlds: The Isles of the Blessed in the paradisaical dimensions of Heaven, Elysium, Hyperborea, Summerland, Avalon, Asphodel, Shangri-La, Shambhala, Aaru, Valhalla, Folkvangr, and Bohemia.

The Universal Advice for becoming the Ideal Self: Zen van Nihil suggests you read all the blog posts on his social media on Zenarchism to understand Zen van Nihil’s personal revelation of Zenarchism for it to be realized. Zenarchism is relative despite having universal truths and noble pillars that Zenarchists of the world adhere to in their society, culture, and adaptability to their current place in the 5th Dimensional World that we inhabit. Be the Zenarchist one wills to be in the world. Zenarchists of the world, unite!

The All-Glorious Wise Lord God The Most High, We are Exalted in Wisdom as We the Zenarchists, Honor Thyself.

We are Zenarchist Chaos Theorists are Promethean.
We are Zenarchist Chaos Theorists of Shakti.

Thus spoke the Quantum Prophet, Zen van Nihil.

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