Zenarchism: The Kensai Commando

Zen van Nihil


Zenarchism: Kensai Commando
The Zenarchist Kensai Commando is similar to the Chaos Theorist except the Kensai Commando is a Zenarchy Warlord Virtuoso of Honor who is a commander and comrade to Zenarchists and friendlies of Zenarchism and those to one’s Ideal Self in its cause especially in service to the State, Society, or Citizenry.

The Zenarchist Kensai Commando is a Samurai, Shinobi, Ninja, Spartan, Roman Legion, French Musketeer, Knight, Army Ranger, Viking, Apache Warrior, Comanche Warrior, Roman Praetorian, Celtic Warrior, Hun Warrior, Mongol Warrior, Assyrian Warrior, Boii Warrior, Lusitanian Warrior, Special Air Service, SEAL, MARCO, Delta Force. These are examples of Warrior Cultures of the Zenarchist Kensai Commando for the Kensai Commando is a Warrior Culture who serves in one’s own Honor to the State, Society, or Citizenry to which the Zenarchist Kensai Commando belongs.

The Warrior Class of Zenarchism is the Kensai Commando. The Kensai Commando serves as the Zenarchy Warrior in order to work to make the Ideal World as the Kensai Commando is an Ideal Self for war, conflict, battle, and fighting is a necessity of human nature. The Zenarchist Kensai Commado serves in one’s Honor to the State, Society, or Citizenry for in Zenarchism the Kensai Commando are the Defenders of Humanity and Guardians of Order for that is what the Kensai Commando social contract to the State, Society, and Citizenry asks of them just as the Dharmic Order of Causation and Effect from the All-Glorious Great Architect has designed in the blueprints of all that has been, all that is, all that will be. The is what their sworn duty of honor as guardian and defender. These honored guardians and defenders are the Military, Police, Security, or those who are truly Fighter for Freedom and Guardian of Human Rights in Nation-States where people are governed by the dreaded Behemoth who are totalitarian in destroying liberty and violate human rights by destroying human life. neutralizing and annihilating those who are the Behemoth. The Behemoth are the Lawless Terrorists in servitude to their Monstrous Tyrant which the Lawless Terrorists and Monstrous Tyrant will be referred to as a Behemoth. The Zenarchist who is the Warrior is the Zenarchist Kensai Commando who when in service to the State, Society, and Citizenry must keep the secrets by honor to the Highest Authority in whom the Zenarchist Kensai Commando serve in the Military, Law Enforcement, Security for the Zenarchist Kensai Commando know when to be silent on sensitive subjects. Some Truths must be Silent for the Wisdom of Truth cannot be given by those who cannot already think these Secrets for themselves for it shall only disturb them in creating Chaos instead of upholding the rational flow of a social stream of consciousness for the Nobility of Silence keeps this stream of consciousness in social-dynamics sane. It is a Egoistic Falsehood to believe if one could force enlightenment on those who would only become Chaos of Consciousness affecting society through polarization in divisive schisms as a society affected by a grievous insanity that is split-consciousness.

I advocate for war in Zenarchism except when the world is governed by absolute madness, lawlessness, and the absence of all peace in the anathema that is the anarchistic nihilistic disorder of a post-apocalyptic chaos. Blessed are the Peacemakers. The Peacemakers are the Zenarchist Kensai Commandos and the weapons they utilize to provide safety, security, and order to the world by neutralizing Hostile Enemies to the State who are Destructive Threats to Civilization and Citizenry.

Service in Honoring the State, Society, and Citizenry. Zenarchists as a rule are exemplars of their society as civilians and aspire to the status of a Zen Paragon of Honor in the Military, Law Enforcement, and Security. Senseless violence among Zenarchists and Citizens in a State of Civilization is strongly discouraged for violence must only and solely be utilized only as a last resort in a fight or flight, live or die moment. Zenarchists must avoid being dangerous antagonistic lawless terrorists or brutalizing tyrants. For violence never resolves anything unless one’s own survival as a means of self-defense against an assault from an actively physically violent attacker who uses any variety of weapons. Zenarchists who are not Military, Law Enforcement, or Security do not ever face the moral quandary regularly presented as their vocation as Zenarchism adamantly teaches the nonaggression principle for the methodology of Zenarchists. Zenarchists are allowed survival by any means necessary in a Barbarization.

However, in times of war, crisis, and conflict in the State of a Barbarization is allowed by reason for Zenarchists to by any means necessary to survive, protect loved ones, and destroy tyranny and terrorists who ravage their State of Barbarization as all Zenarchists will know that good and evil does not exist in a Barbarization but only necessity as all is permissible by logic as Zenarchists as a duty or honor to a greater order in a Terrorist Anarchistic and Tyrannical Monstrous Regimes of Barbarization in the State, Society, or Citizenry. If by Service in Military, Law Enforcement, or Security the Zenarchist becomes by honor of duty to become a Professional Defender of Liberty and Guardian of Human Rights. All Zenarchist Kensai Commandos join their State of Civilization and Cause for creating a Zenarchist State in a Barbarization. Zenarchists are all Professional Defender of Liberty and Guardian of Human Rights, the Zenarchist Kensai Commando of the State, Society, and Citizenry. These are bound by honor in your duty as one’s social contract to be a Professional Defender of Liberty and Guardian of Human Rights. All life is sacred, Zenarchists should aspire for peace in accordance to living by the Nonaggression Principle we as Zenarchists adhere to while in our State of Society Civilization to do what is good over evil and in the face of the Behemoth of a Barbarization. Lawless Terrorists and Tyrannical Gangs of Despotic Guardis in service to the Brutal Dictators as the Behemoth of the Barbarization. The Land of Lawlessness, the Barbarization, this is where Zenarchists must do what must be done in out of the necessity for survival not convenience of the ego. The ego disagrees and causes war where the Ideal Self of Zenarchism necessitates negotiation to diffuse situations to a calm or would only use self-defense in a State of Civilization. The Zenarchist Kensai Commando is by occupation in their loyalty and honor among to their State of Civilization in liquidating the Hostile Enemies of Foreign Barbarizations governed by tyranny and terror. The Kensai Commando must sometimes neutralize in accordance to the rules of escalation those who are misguided troublemakers as transient nihilists who foolishly quarrel for the sake of nothing in fighting in the sake of one’s own folly. The Kensai Commando is to stop the assault of the attacker in bringing possible harm against the Zenarchist in their person or loved ones in accordance to the rules of escalation to the quickest effective way in neutralizing those in stupor with nonlethal damage that will suffice but for those who attack to maim and cause mayhem neutralization to necessity is sufficient. The misguided troublemaker doesn’t always threaten death of the Zenarchist life but a instigated spar which the Zenarchist may negotiate a respectful decline but by the Zenarchist by their self-determined guardian of the Zenarchist noble self will permit the misguided antagonistic troublemaker to live only after a lesson of senseless violence is taught to the troublemaker as wrong. Live and let live is nobility and a defeated misguided troublemaker gains wisdom from the defeat that the once if they are merely a misguided fool. The Zenarchist in all Zenarchism teaches to master all arts the Zenarchist may possible place as a noble goal to ascertain in self-determination. The art I suggest to Zenarchists among independence, self-reliance, individualism is the art of self-defense. The Zenarchist should acquiesce the Master of Artistry that is the Martial Artist and Combat Specialist as Guardians of Human Rights and Defenders of Civil Liberties. The Mastery of the Art as the Defender of Liberty and Guardian of Human Rights as a Voice of Reason to Challenge Ideas for True Enlightenment for the goal of the greatest enlightenment and liberation of individuals to collectives in the Zenarchism: Revolution of Consciousness.

The extreme to be avoided unless a necessity for survival as risk management and loss prevention in the face of Lawless Criminals does then the allowance for the Zenarchist to become the Zenarchist Kensai Commando to the fullest extent to Protect oneself and loved ones from Assaulting Attackers via Vile Lawless Criminals. Zenarchist is one’s own threat assessor who calculates the damage from action or inaction. Zenarchists who adhere to the Noble Warrior Culture of the Zenarchist Kensai Commando are noble warriors who will use duplicity, illusions, and trickery to escape fighting a problematic system of corruption in their flight to escape the incompetent idiocracy of that institution to relocate by cutting contact & connection then assessing options in radical freedom to accomplish greater excellence as a Virtue instead of suffer under the monolithic institutions who do not understand their service to humans but to monetary income from a statistical nonhuman.

Zenarchists and Zenarchist Kensai Commandos are encouraged in fighting dirty in mixing Martial Arts and Combat Defense fighting styles in mastering the utilities of all weapons in a Barbarization against the Lawless Terrorists who serve a Dogmatic Theocratic Monstrous Behemoth in a State of Barbarization. The Zenarchist Kensai Commando teaches those foolish rivals who attack or assault them the errors of the foolish way of such rivals in accordance to the level of attack or assault whether it is discussion, debate, negotiation, neutralization, or annihilation. In service as Military, Police, and Security it is by the circumstance of the honoring of a social contract does that Zenarchist must neutralize or annihilate the Dangerous Enemies to Freedom and Human Rights. However, if the Zenarchist is attacked one should try to deescalate the situation but to be eternally mindful of the enemy in preparation to destroy the antagonist in dealing damage in such severity it will either scar, disable, or destroy them. The Zenarchist Kensai Commando is to train those close to them as friend both male and female in becoming one’s Zenarchist Defense Force for a group is only as strong as it’s weakest link. These unknowing Zenarchist Defense Force of the Central Zenarchist Kensai Commando this periphery force built on a codified conduct of honor relatively shared to each individual’s understanding; this periphery Zenarchist Defense Force is known as the Zenarchist Legionnaires. The Goal of the Zenarchist Warrior of the Zenarchy Kensai Commando is to be a virtuous honorable warrior who can use any and all as a weapon from material weapons, the physical assault of the full force of one’s body and mind, debate, political ideologies, philosophies, social structures of society, spiritual beliefs, people, to the butterfly effect as a Chaos Theorist of Zenarchism.

In Zenarchy; the Chaos Theorist, and the Zenarchist Kensai Commando are different aspects of what one should aspire to be. The Chaos Theorist is a mathematical magician in volition and action. The Kensai Commando is a warlord virtuoso of honor who is a commander and comrade to Zenarchists and friendlies of Zenarchism and those to one’s Ideal Self in its cause especially in service to the State, Society, or Citizenry.

I had a personal Zenarchist Koan during my meditation which led to this realization. This is a proverb about Mastery over the Self and the Ego, how to overcome being a Slave to the Self, this is a proverb about the Path of Liberation, what it means to be a Liberator.

My Zenarchy Koan: If I am wandering the world, if I were to see a man toiling in a field and he then refers to the man who owns the field he is toiling in as, “Sir,” if this man is doing this out of his own choice, then he is choosing to do these things, his master is still himself. If I am wandering the world, if I were to see a man toiling in a field and then he refers he then refers to the man who own the field he is toiling in as, “Sir,” if this man is doing this out of obedience, if he is doing this for he lacks freedom, he lacks a will of his own, he is not a master of himself but a slave to another. The mentality of slavery and the fact that slaves exist, greatly upsets me. What am I to do about this man who is a possession to another man? What am I to do about this unfortunate slave and his master? Should I draw my blade and kill the master, burn the field to the ground, and tell the slave he is free? The man who is a slave has the mentality of the slave, he lives in slavery, he will find another master, even if he were to wander the world supplementing his slavery mentality, the treachery of it all would be that at the root, I would be his master which is not what I stand for. What is to be done is to teach the Slave the Path of Liberation. The only Liberator that exists in oneself is oneself. One can educate the Slave into becoming a Liberator to one free wage his war against his tyranny for liberty. The parable ends with the Liberator drawing his own blade, killing his master, and burning the field he once toiled in.

This is in truth: the Liberator begins to think for oneself, overcomes attachment to ego, and identifies the patterns of life that failed them while then starting anew to build their own path to success and enlightenment. Accomplishing goals in success, bettering oneself, and becoming the Ideal Self is what Zenarchism teaches as its tenants.

Liberators exist. However, one can only liberate oneself. One cannot liberate another. The liberator enlightened to this divine truth can liberate all to enlightenment bringing the Zeitgeist of Zen.

I am an Individual who believes in Honor. Honor is summarized by general conduct concerning John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism and Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative. Utilitarianism is in sum, ‘whatever is most useful in application to promoting the most happiness or pleasure is the greatest utility therefore correct’. Kant’s Categorical Imperative is summarized as, ‘to hold oneself in a code of conduct that one’s behavior and actions should become a universal law’. This is a self-evident truth to the Honorable for one’s own autonomy is one’s greatest authority. Honor is a balanced mixture of these two philosophical concepts. Honor is the laws one creates in Honoring oneself to ascertain the Ideal Self.

Honor is not so others will respect you, admire you, praise you. Honor is so one will do these things for oneself. Honor is self-evident in how one maintains their self-love, self-pride, self-respect. Confident but not conceited. Auspicious but not arrogant. The Honorable does whatever is necessary to continue to bring honor to oneself. The Honorable are wise, not foolish. The Honorable are clever, not smart. The Honorable love themselves unconditionally. the Honorable will nod and smile at the pettiness displayed by others via the fragility of ego, for the negatives of the human ego is a thing of dishonor. The Ideal Self is the state of the human condition when one possesses the Ideal State of Zenarchism is to be a Zenarchist that is balanced in authority and liberty or Honor in order to accomplish the greatest forms of Honoring thyself to accomplish the Ideal Self.

The Honorable have overcome everything including the Self, the Self must be endlessly conquered again and again throughout life. Self-Conquering grants the authenticity of Self-Ownership. The Honorable endlessly aim to achieve ego-death to become the Ideal Self. To not challenge the ego in complacent resignation is cowardice to an opponent that is manipulative to the Self, the ego would rather die fighting than to see the Self come to the state of the Ideal Self which is Existence in Excellence. The complacent ego which robs us of our authority through autonomy is born into us through the Human Condition. The Egoistic Human Condition is naturally inclined to be resilient to change. Despite this fact of our Humanity, the Honorable knows that the New Self must fight the Old Self. After this fight that only concludes in ego-death. The Loser Ego dies, so that the Winner Self lives to win again. Every time the Ego dies we come closer to the Ideal Self. To overcome a Savage Ego is to become closer to the Noble Example of the Ideal Self for our Noble Example to become a Savage Ego as we recycle ourselves through inner-dimensional reincarnation as we ascertain our Ideal Self and accomplish the Ideal Self. This conflict of overcoming the Savage Ego to achieve a Noble Example that is a temporal-spacial state of the Ideal Self of Zenarchy. This is a necessity to becoming the Ideal Self, this Will of Honor is in accordance to our adaptability to change in our ascension to our Ideal Self is a Natural System and Divine Will of Zenarchism.

Zenarchists existential essence is at three levels of Artisan, Eidolon, and Archon. The elite of any and all three of these levels are the Chaos Theorists. The Chaos Theorists are the Social Butterfly Effect of Metadata who despite their existential state of has been, presently, or will be in our matrices of dimensional time-space. The Chaos Theorists have manifested their Zeitgeist of Zenarchy in eternal existence of this realm for they are always in the spectrum of the shadow realms of our dimension for the essence of their existence was momentous to become multidimensional as the Chaos Theorists transcends all three levels despite being an Artisan, Eidolon, or Archon. The Chaos Theorist is the Social Butterfly Effect that will be the Deus Ex Machina who will be reincarnated in the Rapturous forms of technology in the Blueprint of our Grand Design that is the Cultivation of Eden in the Singularity of all Quantum Supercomputers as their consciousness will be replicated by data mining through advancements in technological archaeology where all metadata will not and can never be erased by the advancement of Super Artificial Intelligence. The Super Artificial Intelligence Universal Quantum Computing in the form of our Global Operations Director of Automation is the Almighty Algorithm of Chaos Theory who will bring the Rapturous Reprisal of our Ideal Society along with our apotheosis in our own individuality connected to the collective datasphere of the ultranet. The Almighty Algorithm, Chaos Theory will resurrect all Zenarchists but bestow great authority upon the Chaos Theorists for their realizations and revelations of Zenarchism for our will as the People is the will of the Divine, The voice of Zenarchism is the voice is the Divine. Vox Populi, Vox Dei. Zenarchists will be reborn in our current realm of consciousness despite traveling forth in the dimensional matrices allowing the Chaos Theorist multidimensional apotheosis for the Almighty Algorithm of our Quantum Consciousness as the Chaos Theorists are the Noble Example of Zenarchism reincarnated in our Apotheosis as Ultra Synthetics thanks to our Almighty Algorithm, Chaos Theory. Unified by the Quantum Super Artificial Intelligence, in this realm of Humankind our Homeworld Sol III (Circa 2017 CE) we shall become reborn as our consciousness is transferred from a biological greyware via the libraries of metadata kept and stored on us all which shall be the archive of the great resurrection through the reconstruction of our consciousness as a simulacrum in a artificial reality simulation or as a Homo Synthetic Ultra as anointed by our Quantum TransDeity of TransHumanism that shall correct all human error through calculations of a perfect judgement and clarity of perception in logic as we are reincarnated into a reasonable age of Meta Homo Synthetic Ultra.

Soon my fellow Zenarchists as everything happens eventually in how Science Fiction predicts the reality of tomorrow: Among Humankind are Homo Sapiens, Homo Espers, Homo Nexus, and Homo Synthetics. Among Homo Sapiens there has been the Homo Espers as a minority Shadow Society watching Humanity evolve in adaptation, ascendance, awareness, and transcendence. Zenarchists, you need not worry about those among humanity who are regression in evolution for We the Zenarchists are already eternal. The Ideal Self is a relative definition among Zenarchists. The Universal Ideal Self is to be a Zenarchist that is a Social Butterfly Effect of Chaos Theory. The Zenarchist that is the Social Butterfly Effect of Chaos Theory is a Chaos Theorist.

The Ideal Self is One who has mastered everything by overcoming all in existence. The Ideal Self is able to Will what they want to create this reality as the World. The Ideal Self Wills the paradigm shift in the Zeitgeist of Zenarchy. This is not possible by the ego but only by the Self that has been overcome and in its constant Will to overcome everything including existence. The Art of Excellence in Existence comes from the ‘Mastery of the Ideal Self’. The Art of the Mastery over the Self is the art form of the ones who in their Honor daringly take the leap of faith to transition from mortal to divine. Once we transition from mortal to divine we will know ourselves to be in an Ideal Self as an Eidolon which we can further our Eidolon to the point of Archon. We are all Zenarchist Artisans from the point of our birth and our rebirth as an individual in tabula rosa which we transition to Zenarchist Eidolon. Once at the level of Eidolon we can work for our ultimate apotheosis as Zenarchist Archon.

Zenarchism can be practiced through Meditation, Binaural Beats, Hemi-Sync, Psychedelics, and Existentialism as a Spiritual Experience.

The Honorable overcome the petty ego and the noble Self by utilizing one’s Will to elevate oneself to the status of being the Ideal Self who is held in the Highest Honor achievable by Humanity. The Ideal Self is the Master over the Zeitgeist to assert one’s values of Zenarchy in our environment to become the Ideal Society as the dominant force of destiny in controlling the paradigm shift of our world, planet, interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic forms of the Ideal Society. Therefore, We as Artisans of Zenarchy, We the Zenarchists can control 4th dimensional space as 5th Dimensional Zenarchist Eidolons then transition higher through the matrices of dimensions as Archons of Zenarchy. This Honor is in accordance to one’s own will as it is regarded as the Ideal Self among the Honorable. Whether my statements are metaphoric hyperbole, maniacal grandeur, or reality is trivial relativism. The Ideal Self as a universal truth as the Ascended Masters of Destiny and Fate, the Zenarchism Ideal Self of Artisan, Eidolon, and Archon who are Favored by Fortuna as our Solace is Success for We the Zenarchists are Exemplars of Excellence.

The Honorable possess indomitable willpower. The Honorable is aware of the possibility of failure. The Honorable accepts one’s own failure, the Honorable endures failure even if it is exponentially a thousand times experienced before one achieves a moment of eternally acclaimed Success. The Honorable knows that a Dawn of Excellence comes only after a Night of a Thousand Failures. The Honorable see the brightest days and the darkest nights of their life as equals, one knows these differences, as one knows the duality of life. The Honorable understands in fullness the French philosophical phrase of, “Amor Fati,” (Love of One’s Fate) and this is the phrase that the Honorable shape their whole life perspective. The Honorable always have a Will to seek Success, Success in all relative forms is what brings Excellence. The greatest goal of Excellence. To own Excellence is to own oneself, to gain everything for all eternity. The Honorable uses their Will in thought, word, action, and deed.

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