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Only by stopping can we see the way — learn to stop more often

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“Almost everything will work if you unplug it for a few minutes… including you.” ― Anne Lamott

122. Muscle Relaxation and Much More

The suggestion I bring you this week includes a very special mix.

It offers a simple and effective relaxation, combining several elements that I had never found to be used simultaneously, such as:

  • muscle relaxation
  • corporal conscience
  • breathing exercises
  • visualization of body members
  • calming voiceover
  • relaxing music.

All this in a simple 15-minute exercise that allows you to relax various parts of the body.

It also has the advantage of being performed sitting in a chair. This allows it to be easily practiced in the workplace, without the need for any preparation or specific space.

As it consists of a sequence of relaxation of muscles, we can even make shorter adaptations. In other words, we can go on repeating each of the parts in brief periods of pauses in which we relax only one of the muscles.

I liked it a lot, try it, I think you will like it and feel more relaxed. Your body deserves and will thank you for this attention.

123. You Only Have 1 Minute? Ok, That’s Enough to Relax

If you think you don’t have 15 minutes to relax, you have 1 minute for sure.

Here are two very simple options that you can use to take short breaks during the day.

Remember: the more often you take short breaks, the more productive and relaxed you will feel.



Zen Michael
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