54| State of Flow Beautiful Demonstration by Lara Rigolo

How does her performance make you feel?

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2 min readMay 23, 2022


Image by Richard Horvath on Unsplash.com

“For every moment of concentration there is an equal moment of relaxation.” — Derren Brown

138. Flowing From Greece

For many of us, being focused on a task while being watched by several people is complicated.

And this difficulty increases if the task we are performing is complicated.

Thoughts and emotions begin to gain strength and it is difficult — without training — to remain calm and focus attention on a single point or activity.

Maybe it’s because we have these difficulties — with which mindfulness practices can help us a lot — that we admire people who can do it.

The suggestion that I bring you this week is one of the greatest demonstrations of the ability to concentrate that I have ever seen.

After watching this video, I tried to understand why it impressed me so much.

I identified the following reasons:

  • Lara Rigolo surprising ability to remain focused on his challenge, despite being watched by a jury and hundreds of people.
  • the extreme difficulty of the task she performs,
  • how her breathing and smoothness of movement are clearly essential components for success in her challenge.
  • the way everyone watching it is completely focused on what’s going on.

I think I also felt something similar to those who were present, just by watching the video.

All my attention was caught by what was going on. It was as if all my thoughts, emotions, and sensations were suspended.

The surprise was so great that my brain couldn’t find any similar experience to start cataloging and forming judgments about what I was seeing.



Zen Michael
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