Rolf Versluis
Jul 6, 2017 · 3 min read

On of the comments I see a lot on the ZenCash slack is from people who are unhappy that the price of ZEN has been going down. They want us to do something to immediately change the trajectory of the price.

People are involved with ZEN for many different reasons. One is for investing with the expectation that the price will go higher, either in the short term, or long term. That’s good, we need people like that! Many people are involved because they believe the ZenCash team and community has the ability to make a cryptocurrency that is focused on both privacy and usability. We need people like that too!

The more people that are involved with a cryptocurrency, the more people will buy it, and the more the price will go up. That’s why we are working through our plan that we wrote up and published, why we are translating the white paper into many different languages, and are working to internationalize our website. We want ZenCash to be used by people worldwide for private transactions, communications, and publishing.

It takes time to create a system for people to use worldwide. We are working on the fundamentals, building the team, updating wallets, updating the website, improving and increasing marketing and social media, and doing as many things we can think of to increase the value of the cryptocurrency. It appears to be somewhat stable now, which helps us figure out our budgets for these expenses.

At the same time, there are speculators who do their best to make the price go up and down so they can make profits by buying low and selling high. That’s all part of the crypto world. Speculators (pumpers and dumpers) have their place as well.

What we as a management team work to do is make steady progress, telling people about the improvements we are making, and work to build the vision we described in the white paper.

What we do not want to do is overpromise, hype, or look like we are creating artificial supply contstraints like other cryptos do in order to reduce the float of available trading ZEN. People see through that type of activity. It’s just an artificial lockup, and does not increase the value of the system overall.

Because of mining, there are 216,000 new ZEN created each month. We need to do our part as a team and a community to get demand to be high enough so people buy all those ZEN every month, and want even more.

We are definitely working to add to our marketing team so we will have more articles, more videos, more social media, more entries on Bitcointalk, and other types of activity that drive engagement, excitement, and awareness. We can’t get it all done at once in a way that creates an immediate price rise that many people seem to want, but we will get it done.

You are going to see consistent, accelerating progress from ZenCash. Over time this progress will be reflected in the price. Thank you for your support!


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Originally published at ZenCash Blog.


Secure, Private, and Anonymous Cryptocurrency and Messaging Blockchain System

Rolf Versluis

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Techie, Sales Guy, Business Owner. Former US Navy Submarine Officer. Co-Founder and Executive Adviser for Horizen Cryptocurrency



Secure, Private, and Anonymous Cryptocurrency and Messaging Blockchain System

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