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We all agreed, that this year will be a year of big changes. Now is the last chance to ask ourselves: are we ready for it? My essay on Covid-19.

We still haven’t grasped the true impact, that the current pandemic will have on our lives.

Looking back at the Fridays for Future marches, they now seem like rain dances performed by indigenous tribes:

we all used to gather and dance through the streets, to raise awareness of our environmental impact, our reckless consumption and devastating pollution.

It felt as if we were trying to cast a higher power, that would make our uncontrolled growth stop. To bring rain and let nature blossom, all in order to find equilibrium again.

Here we are now, all locked in our homes, deprived from all non-essential and forced to consider every essential thing again: nutrition, exercise, our creative outlets, looking after each other…

We are practically all forced to become essentialist in this way.

This bears the chance to finally, collectively look very deep into the inside and let go of external dependencies. To realise that for a balanced soul and a balanced body we don’t need as much as we were desperately anticipating all along.

It is the moment where we can freely question the person, that the world told us to be and find back to our roots again.

Who had the time to really understand how much connected we are? That we share the same air and feel the same pain.
That blaming someone else is fundamentally superfluous, for blaming someone is blaming a part of ourselves, too.

What if it is all no one’s fault?

One day all this will be over and we will walk arm in arm again. Smiling about our courage to have gone through this, each by themselves, yet collectively at the same time. We will be grateful, that a pandemic came, rather earlier than too late, to warn us about the consequences of our reckless ego.

Losing your job is not easy. Losing your beloved elderly ones is not easy. But that’s why we never walk alone in this world.

Thank you for passing by. I hope I could give you something for the rest of your journey ahead. May your path bring fruition and clarity to you.

We can stay in contact on Instagram @andreas_le_black . I upload content created solely by myself.




Hello passenger. This publication is dedicated to the ones who seek peace and meaninng among a hectic urban life, just like me.

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