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Neural Fireworks

What if all your assumptions about another being or thing has been just a miscalculation of your neural network?

Hi, it’s me!

Without noticing your brain is processing this information with a speed never measured before. It is calculating probabilities and analysing assumptions faster than quantum computing. A neural firework takes place inside of your head.


Something inside us manically tries to grasp who this person — any person — that comes our way is. Body language, background, social profiling.. where is the information! “Give me the data!” we cry.. This reflex is nothing new. There is nothing wrong in the existence of this reflex. When you are in the dark, you run to find the switch. When you hear sounds in the woods, you want to know if you are in danger. When you see a wolf, it is easy to process the information and take logical conclusions. But when you see another human; another being as miraculously complex as you, yet terribly unpredictable?

So we label, we judge, we expel, we create politics and systems of belief.
What if all this is just a (hi)story written by a self-declared winner?

Labelling.. destructive as napalm, yet precise as a lobotomy. “Be realistic” we say.. the socially accepted form of pessimism. ENFP I came out.. someone truly managed to label me without even having ever met me; and apparently scientifically proven!

A slaughtering of individualism this is.

Where has this tale gone; the tale — the promise — of the rising individualism? Or was our march all in order to become just bits and bites in the galaxy of big data?

What if all your assumptions about another being or thing has been just a miscalculation of your neural network? All based on your preconditioned belief system that blocks you from seeing the deeper connection; all in the sake of comfort, security and compromise. Yet ultimately all just hindering our inner nature’s will to evolve.

Maybe I am who you think I am, maybe not. Maybe one day I delete all this and all your efforts to make a meaning goes in vain. Your fragile castle of conviction.

Maybe one day we will lay our weapons down and set our masks aside and we will realise that you and me, him and her, us and they are all one and the same thing. And that these so obvious differences between us are just an expression of nature’s miraculously rich diversity that we for ourselves can never possess.

Just maybe.

Thank you for passing by. I hope I could give you something for the rest of your journey ahead. May your path bring fruition and clarity to you.

We can stay in contact on Instagram @andreas_le_black . I upload content created solely by myself.




Hello passenger. This publication is dedicated to the ones who seek peace and meaninng among a hectic urban life, just like me.

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