Commit To Mindfulness For A Week With A Sip Of Water

It’s harder than you think!

Julio Rivera
Jan 23, 2017 · 2 min read

We are creatures of habit and overtime this has worked against me. I am constantly in auto-pilot mode wandering in thought with simple everyday tasks. I run through the list of the TODOs while I brush my teeth and then find myself anxious and frustrated after wondering how and why that happened.

I’m learning to become mindful, aware of the present, by committing to being completely in the moment with every sip of water I take this week.

The Science Behind Stress

I started reading Ed Halliwel’s book Mindfulness — How To Live Well By Paying Attention. An interesting topic he first brings up is the science behind stress. I can blame my thoughts on science and not myself — yes!

Over the centuries, humans have had to learn and evolve tendencies that allowed us to react proactively to predators, figure out and prepare the day’s meal, and ultimately solve problem after problem.

For better or for worse, this has engrained in us to be in a constant doing mode.

Autopilot Mode

Harvard did a study and found that 47% of our time is spent wandering in thought. Meaning, we almost spend the majority of our lives focused on something other than what we are doing. There is also a study Stanford did that found that multi-tasking is less productive and limits our mental capacity.

We know living in autopilot serves us no benefit, so how do we unwind this bad habit? Mindfulness.

Practice Mindfulness

There are many ways to practice mindfulness. We can meditate and be curious and compassioniate with what our senses are telling us and the pattern of our natural breath. This may be a tough task for some just starting off so I have a dead simple way with getting started.

Be completely present when you take a drink of water for the next week.

I am in my fifth day and its tough. I am creating a new habit of myself because everytime I take a drink of water, I’m either scrolling through Instagram or thinking about what other errands are on my list, but I have been getting better.

At least twice a day when I drink, I am completely present. It is helping me with staying focused during my morning meditation practice and the tasks throughout out the day. With each sip, I’m doing a mental pushup and excercising the muscle of mindfulness.

Every time you drink water for the next week, ask yourself :

  • Is this water cold or warm?
  • What does the water taste like?
  • After you have consumed the water, do any sensations arise?

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Zen Compass

Julio Rivera

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