What You Must Consider While Hiring Zend Developers

Zend has recently released its latest framework Zend 3, which deploys the latest version of PHP, that is PHP 7. The new framework promises better performance and stronger security for the applications and websites built upon it. The framework which has been used for making complicated web applications and websites requiring robust security will require more skilled PHP Zend Developers for projects based on its latest version.

So, if you are looking forward to migrating your existing Zend project to the latest version for better performance and security, then you must employ the best Zend Development Services providers. Here is a list of key factors that you must consider while choosing the best service providers for Zend development:

Portfolio: Whether you are looking to hire a developer or a company, make sure that you check a service provider’s portfolio. See if the company or developer has created projects similar to yours. If yes, then check how those websites or applications are working and do they fulfil your standard. Giving a thorough check to the portfolio of the company/developer will help you ascertain their capabilities.

Previous Client’s Feedback: See if you can directly talk with the clients of the developers or company whom you are considering to work with. Check with clients about the service provider’s availability for timely communication and seriousness regarding deadlines. Talking to clients can help you gauge the work ethos of the teams that you are considering for the accomplishment of your project.

Price: After gauging the two most important factors regarding a developer team/company, you can choose a team based on the price they quote for your project.

While the above mentioned factors are important to consider for both, developers and development companies, hiring a freelance developer would require you to check if the developer has enough time available to accomplish your project within your preferred deadline. Checking this is important because many freelancers take upon multiple projects and are unable to deliver projects on time. This is mainly due to the lack of structure and replacement developers that are found in development companies.

Thus, in order to avoid project delivery failure within your preferred deadline, you must make sure that you hire the best and most reputable Zend Developers. For this you can make use of freelancing portals such as Toptal and Upwork. While Toptal features highly capable and reputable developers and makes for an ideal hiring platform for high-end customers, Upwork is ideal for customers with medium or low budgets. Moreover, Upwork ensures developer quality by exclusive featuring of top developer and client reviews.

Thus, in accordance with your budget and needs, you can hire a suitable development company or freelance developer who can accomplish your project with success and within your preferred deadline.

Summary: Zend 3 is the latest Zend version which promises better performance and security. The new version calls for better development skills, requiring one to give more attention to the hiring process of individual developer or company. The top factors that one must take into account while hiring either of the two are- portfolio, client reviews, and price.