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A designer’s recipe for blueberry pie

Once a creative, always a baker.

Step 1: Gather all the ingredients

Different bowls of blueberries representing the different sources of design, research, leftovers and bugs.

Step 2: Prepare the bottom crust

Drawing of blueberries with examples of UX fixes such as links are broken.

Step 3: Make the pie filling

Drawing of an app prototype with caption “Great solution, but too large. Let’s break it down or revisit this differently”.

Step 4: Assemble and add the top crust

Drawing of a pie with symbols representing feedback.

Step 5: Bake the pie

A microwave oven with a sticker that says “Belongs to engineering”.

Step 6: Enjoy a slice of pie

  1. Little things make a big difference in the long run. Small consistent improvements over time can lead to impactful UX wins and greatly reduce UX debt.
    Our Design and Engineering teams have completed over 60 valuable blueberries in a year that sweetened our product experience. That’s around two blueberries per sprint. Go, team!
  2. We get to work on leftovers from feature releases promptly. As our senior designer, David O’Sullivan says, “It opens up opportunities to de-scope big features as we know we can tackle the smaller ideas as blueberries”. And our lead designer, Fionna Yao likes that this ritual keeps us accountable when we make UX compromises in big projects.
  3. It improves collaboration between designers and engineers as we work together more closely to solve problems. Feedback from our technical connoisseurs is that they value working on bugs and welcome being apprised of upcoming projects through these sessions.
  4. These small but sweet blueberries are great ways to introduce new hires to Zendesk. As a company, we’re always onboarding awesome new movers and bakers, and UX fixes make for a perfect first project that’s fun but not daunting.
A blueberry pie with the caption “baked with empathy”



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