What’s on your desk?

Alexa Herasimchuk
Jun 3, 2019 · 4 min read

Alexa Herasimchuk gives us a glance into her workstation

“What’s on your desk?” is a new series by the Zendesk Creative Department that highlights the weird, wacky, and wonderful things on the desks of various team members. The posts are written by the desk-dwellers themselves and aim to explore how form and function add value to creativity. (It’s also really fun to see what weird sh*t they look at every day.) This weeks featured member is Product Designer, Alexa Herasimchuk.

Just like all of my personal spaces, my desk is a balance of practicality and inspiration. I’m a pretty organized person, so it’s important that everything has its place. However, I appreciate details—which means that everything has a unique touch that makes it mine.

Who are you?
I’m Alexa and I’m a Product Designer on the Billing team.

What’s your role at Zendesk?
My main focus is on designing the best buying experiences for Zendesk customers through self-service subscriptions.

Think of the best purchasing experiences you’ve had while shopping online—we’re trying to bring that mentality to the complexities of business software subscriptions.

So Alexa, what’s on your desk?
Let’s start with my post-it notes because within any given week, my desk is covered in them. I have a designated post-it notes area on my desk because I love using them to take notes. At this point, they are an important part of my design process and I use them way more than I use a notebook to think through ideas. They are very versatile. I’ve created a system for my note taking which involves using different colored post-it notes to write down different messages. I’ve used this system for note-taking since starting at Zendesk and love it!

This is where I’ll talk about my awesome computer mouse. It’s seriously amazing and everyone should get one.

When I left design school and entered the real world, I found myself using a computer mouse way more than I had before. This is because I now have a professional desk setup and didn’t need to use the track pad of my laptop nearly as much. This was great, because now I had my own workspace, but switching from using mostly my laptop to now mostly using a desktop setup, came with really bad carpal tunnel syndrome. If you’re not familiar with this condition, in short, it’s the shooting pain you feel in your thumb and fingers when you’re not getting the proper circulation in your hand. This pain was coming from using a mouse that placed my hand in an unnatural position. I quickly switched to the mouse picture below and I’ve been cured ever since.

Fun fact: At Zendesk, if you’re experiencing discomfort due to improper use of your desk, then you can request an ergonomic assessment from someone who will help you improve your posture and positioning to prevent desk-related injuries.

It’s easy to get carried away with keeping too many cool pens, pencils, and highlighters on your desk so, I try to keep them to a minimum by containing them all inside one mug on my desk.

Also pictured: scissors, washi tape, and Tide To-Go. Yes, I’m your girl if you had a spill all over your lap at lunch.

I also love to read, so I keep a small library of books on my desk. Although not a design book, The Giving Tree is a classic and I think everyone should have it on their bookshelf.

And lastly, my desk wouldn’t truly be mine without some words of wisdom. I believe life is about what we focus on, and since I spend a good amount of my life at my desk, I want to make sure what I focus on is intentional. Therefore, it’s important to me that the things on my desk are able to tell a story—the objects below clearly speak for themselves:

And there you have it. So now, I have to ask…what’s on your desk?

Started from the top, now you’re here. Check out design.zendesk.com for more thought leadership, design process, and other creative musings.

Zendesk Creative Collection

We're a blend of art, copy, video, and product design. We come from different backgrounds, but we share one passion as the Creative team—making compelling work for Zendesk.

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Alexa Herasimchuk

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Product Designer @Zendesk. Previously @Yelp. I want the world to be better because I was here. alexaleighh.com

Zendesk Creative Collection

We're a blend of art, copy, video, and product design. We come from different backgrounds, but we share one passion as the Creative team—making compelling work for Zendesk.

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