Episode 054 — with Jen Friel — On Blogs, Bartering, and Footslaves

“I bartered my way around the country using influencer marketing seven years before influencer marketing was a thing.”

Adam J Kerpelman
Zengineering Podcast
3 min readMar 20, 2018


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Hey Zengineers,

Welcome back for a whirlwind of a conversation with Jen Friel, an entrepreneur, social media pioneer, and someone with a life so fantastic, it’s being made into a TV Show!

This episode is heavy on social tech, movie and tv production, and general excitement around the modern technologies in all our lives. What’a that? It sounds like all our episodes. Well, that’s because you haven’t heard from Jen yet! She’s a riot and doubles … no TRIPLES the stoke that we usually bring to the show.

Our conversation starts with Jen’s early internet experience life-blogging and live-streaming before there were even names for that kinda stuff. We talk about the impact of social media and about how she bartered her way around the country with $10 to her name, using brand deals to stay afloat. Also before those were a thing. Did you know those were a thing? Yeah. They are! Scope your Instagram feed and guess who’s sponsored.

Jen’s life-blogging on talknerdytomelover.com not only took her all over the country, but turned into a sensation, ending with her selling the rights to her story and her blog to Jerry Bruckheimer and landing a pilot deal to make a TV show out of the whole thing.

We wrap up with Jen’s current gigs working with dropininc.com , getting her show’s pilot ready to go, and how blogging lead her into a period as a DIY Dom with Footslaves…. Yup … we said foot slaves. Weird stuff. But, not really if you’re familiar with a thing called the internet. We hope you enjoy this conversation and Jen’s enthusiastic personality. We sure did!

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Cheers, Adam & Brian

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