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4 min readMay 18, 2021

While the birth of Bitcoin allows us to explore its powerful underlying technology: blockchain, the great innovation of Ethereum’s smart contract makes decentralized governance gradually become an attractive way of cooperation and recognized by more and more people. Different from the traditional way of cooperation, it removes the “middleman” in many industries and completely changes the traditional economic structure, one of which is to change the way people interact with organizations, that is, “decentralized autonomous organizations/DAO”.

What is DAO?

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an organization that comes together for a certain mission and collaborates by enforcing a series of rules on the blockchain. It achieves its goals in the most decentralized way without any centralization or hierarchy.

One of the biggest advantages of DAO is that it is more transparent than traditional companies because all funds and activities in DAO are visible to all members, which greatly reduces the risk of corruption and censorship. In a simple analogy, public listed companies must provide independently audited financial statements, but shareholders can only see the financial position of the organization at a certain point each time, while DAO’s balance sheet is on the open blockchain, of which each transaction is open and transparent at all times.

DAO automates part of the processes and decisions through blockchain and smart contracts, so it is of great help to reduce manpower investment and improve the automation and collaboration ability of the organization. Generally speaking, transparent DAO is easier to collaborate globally and attract talented people with the same goals/mission.

Why need DAO?

At the beginning of 2017, MakerDAO took the lead in issuing a governance token MKR, giving the token owners the governance authority of the project, and DAO gradually entered the public’s field of vision. Subsequently, in mid-2020, decentralized lending platform Compound issued governance tokens COMP in the way of liquidity mining, which triggered the DeFi craze. Until now, most DeFi projects have adopted decentralized governance, and even crypto communities began to have a popular voice: “the real blockchain project must be a DAO.”

It has proved that the non-hierarchical structure of DAO is particularly popular in collaborative asset management. From a broader point of view, DAO can overcome the inherent shortcomings of traditional organizations in governance and other aspects and have an increasingly important impact on society as a whole.

According to a video of the hearing released by the Wyoming Senate committee on March 10, it has voted to pass a bill that would allow DAO to be officially registered in the state. The pass of the bill will help to create a legally recognized DAO.

More importantly, we are nurturing a decentralized Web3.0 world, and as the world shifts to Web3.0, DAO will play an important role, paving the way for completely decentralized run companies that may gain the same level of importance and influence as tech giants in the Web2.0 world.

ZenlinkDAO Bootstrapping Governance

Zenlink is the first cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot, which aims to create a decentralized trading network for general use in the Web3.0 era. With the continuous development of the project, Zenlink will usher in the token listing, mainnet launch and other important milestones, so the team decided to take the lead in starting the bootstrapping governance of ZenlinkDAO.

The ZenlinkDAO Governance Committee will have a number of initial governance member seats, one of which will be held by the Zenlink Foundation. The Zenlink Foundation will select the initial holders of the remaining seats and will seek diversified representatives, including key community members, strategic partners and investors committed to building Zenlink. In the future, the committee will guide ZenlinkDAO to gradually turn into a completely decentralized organization.

At the same time, we also welcome all projects, crypto communities, KOL, media and institutions that are willing to contribute to the construction of Zenlink to join ZenlinkDAO, to build a better Web3.0 world together.

ZenlinkDAO governance members will have the following benefits:

  • Get one limited edition ZenlinkNFT (Guardian Edition) with multiple benefits, click here to see more details.
  • Control the initial capital pool of ZenlinkDAO
  • Participate and play a decisive role in the decision-making of the future development direction of Zenlink.
  • Get ZLK tokens in return

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