Launch Info of Zenlink on Astar Network

Since we announced that Zenlink will be integrated into the Astar Network, we have gotten amazing support from the Astar community and the Astar team, and our Astar Grant proposal has been approved — so now it’s time to rock and roll.

Zenlink will officially launch on the Astar Network on July 26th at 10:00 am UTC, with Farming and Bootstrap being available to the community at that time. Here is more information about the launch of Zenlink on the Astar Network.

Pool Info

When Zenlink is launched on Astar Network, the following pools will be activated:

  • ASTR/ZLK (will be initiated through the Bootstrap program, see the following section)

As previously promised, Zenlink will deploy a full-featured version on Astar Network, which includes Hybrid AMM, Smart Router, Bootstrap, LP Farming & Staking, and Trade Minning, with Hybrid AMM and Smart Router we will provide a fast, low slippage experience for all token swaps on the Astar ecosystem using ASTR as the medium, and more pairs will be gradually added.

Farm Info

To initialize liquidity, a liquidity incentive program will be rolled out and the above-mentioned 4 pools of farms will be activated first to allow users farming LP tokens to earn $ASTR and $ZLK rewards, more information about the farms is below.


  • Daily rewards will be dynamically adjusted based on the actual TVL of the pool
  • ASTR/ZLK will enable farming after bootstrap is completed
  • More project tokens will probably be added to the reward pool (expect it to happen 👀)

Bootstrap Info

As mentioned above, the ASTR/ZLK bootstrap will open at launch, allowing users to add ASTR or ZLK liquidity (and of course both tokens) to the bootstrap pool to earn rewards. Once the Bootstrap is completed, the ASTR/ZLK farm will be opened and users will be able to claim rewards and the corresponding share of LP tokens from the Bootstrap pool, farming LP tokens will earn more, check out the details below.

Minimum target provision(Minimum liquidity requirement to enable swap and staking)

  • ASTR: 500,000
  • ZLK: 300,000

Maximum target provision

  • ASTR: 10,000,000
  • ZLK: 6,000,000

Start & End Block

  • Start Block: When the Bootstrap contract is deployed
  • End Block: #xxxx (will be updated)
  • Time conversion: start time 2022–7–26 10:00 am UTC, end time 2022–7–27 10:00 am UTC, total duration 24h


  • Total Incentives: 1200 ZLK + 1500 ASTR
  • Rewards you can earn = Your LP Share * Total Rewards

Bridge: Transfer your assets to Astar with Celer cBridge

We have partnered with Celer cBridge and the community will be able to transfer assets from other blockchains to Astar Network via Celer cBridge and use them in Zenlink DEX.

Meanwhile, Celer cBridge will also provide a bridge service for cross-chain transfers between Moonbeam and Astar for ZLK (Zenlink Network Token).

In summary:

Users can also link to Celer cBridge in the Zenlink DEX DApp by clicking on “Bridge” in the bottom right corner of the Swap page, as shown below. (The UI of the Bridge feature will be updated)

User Guide

In order to make it easier for the community to access and use Zenlink on Astar Network, here is an easy user guide for your reference.

Note: This guide assumes that you have installed the MetaMask extension and created an account. If you are new to Zenlink or Astar, please refer to the detailed user guide in the Zenlink Wiki to complete the basic operations such as installing the wallet and adding networks.

Step 1: access on any PC device capable of connecting to the Internet

Step 2: click on the connection module in the upper left corner of the interface to select Astar Network, Wallet, and Account (switching the account should be done in the MetaMask extension)

Step 3: Once connected to the network, you can move to any module in the left menu to perform Swap, Bootstrap, Add/Remove Liquidity (Pool), Farming (Earn), etc.

Anyway, the complete user guide on the Zenlink Wiki will help you with most of your troubles, learn more here:

If you have any problems accessing or using Zenlink, please feel free to check our social channels at the end of this article and ask for help from the admin in the Discord or Telegram groups.

Chaos is coming, expect to be launched. WAGMI!

Learn more about Zenlink:

📍 — DEX DAPP | Website | Twitter| Github | Telegram EN | Telegram CN | Announcements Channel

📚 — Whitepaper | Tokenomics



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