New Zenlink DEX DApp and Mega Aggregator are now live, opening up a brand new trading experience!

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6 min readMay 17, 2023

May 17th, 2023 — — We are excited to announce the launch of the new Zenlink DEX DApp and Mega Aggregator! This milestone moment marks a new step for Zenlink in the decentralized trading space. In this article, we will introduce you to the key features and benefits of our new DApp and Mega Aggregator.

New DApp and New Domain Adoption

The reason why this is the new Zenlink DEX DApp is that our team has revamped and upgraded all aspects of the Zenlink DEX user interface and user interaction as well as the DApp domain so that it will bring a new vision and experience to the users, we will introduce you what is new and what benefits it brings in several parts.

New Domain VS. Old Domain

First of all, we would like to clarify that the new Zenlink DEX DApp will not use the old domain ( but a new one:

If you’re not new to Web3, you will be familiar with the new domain, as most Web3 applications use a domain that starts with “app.” this is one of the obvious advantages of it. The new domain is more in line with most people’s perception of Web3 applications and is easier to remember, so if you’ve read this far we hope you’ve remembered what domain you should visit to access Zenlink DEX.

What about old DApp? Don’t worry we have certainly taken this into account.

Since the new DApp only uses Zenlink DEX Contact V2, we see that some users still have liquidity positions in Zenlink DEX Contact V1 that have not yet been migrated to V2 or removed, to make it easier for users to go to the old DApp to migrate liquidity at any time, and to take into account the habits of some early users. We decided to keep the old DApp after the new DApp launched, and the new DApp will have a portal to help users go back to the old DApp, however, we always recommend users to use the new DApp as it will bring you a better user experience.

Brand new UI&UX

If you are a member of the Zenlink community, you should know that UI and UX improvements have been in our plans for a long time. To bring a better user experience to our users and to prepare for the future strategic development of the project, we have referred to and learned from all major decentralized exchanges (DEX) in the market and designed this new UI&UX.

The new UI&UX will simplify and lower the threshold for users to use Zenlink DEX and will be more in line with the habits of all Web3 enthusiasts. Experience it now:

Mobile Adaptation

The new DApp is natively adapted for mobile access, which means users can access and use Zenlink DEX using any major mobile wallet app. We are in contact with some Polkadot eco-friendly mobile wallets to list Zenlink in their wallet apps, which will make the Zenlink DEX experience even more user-friendly. Stay tuned to our announcements on social media for the latest news.

Multi-language Support

Considering that our users come from different countries and regions, the new DApp has added multi-language support, it now supports 7 languages in total, and we will support more languages in the future if more users from other countries and regions ask for it.

It is worth noting that AI powers our language support, so we think there are some shortcomings, we welcome community members to suggest us on Telegram or Discord and we will fix them.

Theme Switching Support

The new Zenlink DEX DApp also adds a theme-switching function, allowing users to freely switch between light and dark modes according to their needs.

Decentralization Supreme

Zenlink DEX takes a significant step towards being more decentralized by adopting an open-source approach. This approach ensures that all code related to on-chain data, computations, APIs, timing services, and interaction contracts (modules) are available for everyone to see and access. This makes the new Zenlink DEX DApp more decentralized by reducing a large number of centralized service dependencies in its service architecture.

Combined with our ZDK (Zenlink Development Kit) released some time ago, developers (parachain teams) can more easily integrate the Zenlink DEX Protocol and display and use it in our new front-end DApp. We expect that more parachains will integrate our protocol and build their own on-chain DEX in an autonomous way, and users will see more parachains being supported by Zenlink.

Mega Aggregator V1 Launch

As a key target on the Zenlink 2023 Roadmap, the launch of Mega Aggregator V1 means that we have achieved another key milestone, follow us to learn more about the Zenlink Mega Aggregator.

Mega Aggregator Key Features

Zenlink Mega Aggregator is designed to help users achieve optimal trading results across multiple chains and multiple DEXs by combining off-chain computing and on-chain smart contracts.

Mega Aggregator will be rolled out first on the Astar network and gradually transition to multi-chain deployments. Currently, the DEXs that Mega Aggregator aggregates on the Astar network include Zenlink, ArthSwap and Sirius, and in the pursuit of a better user experience, we have built Mega Aggregator into the Zenlink DEX. You will be able to find a switch in the DEX DApp to turn the aggregator function on or off. When a user trades with the Aggregator switch turned on in Zenlink DEX, our smart routing will calculate the best trade result for the user and split the order into multiple DEXs to trade for the best price and the lowest slippage.

For more information about the Zenlink Mega Aggregator:

Referral Program

To encourage users to use and benefit from Zenlink Mega Aggregator, we have introduced the Referral Program. The inviter will receive a transaction fee rebate from the invitee and the invitee will receive a discount on the transaction fee. In addition, we offer ZLK holders an additional fee discount that does not conflict with the Referral Program. Please refer to the Wiki for more details:

User Guide

By now, we believe you have a general understanding of the new Zenlink DEX DApp and Mega Aggregator, and in order for users to get used to them quickly, we have prepared a detailed user guide, which we hope will be helpful to you:

Finally, we are confident about the launch of the new Zenlink DEX DApp and Mega Aggregator and believe they will bring an even better decentralized trading experience to our users. We thank the community for their continued support of Zenlink and we will continue to work hard to enhance and improve our products to provide better services to the community. Please stay tuned to our social media channels for updates and further clarifications.

Zenlink, making decentralized trading easier and more efficient!

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